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I was able to drop by what is now one of my favorite organic farms to date. We were given a tour before (during my first trip there) around the entire perimeter and the ins and outs of the farm (as well as it’s operations) were explained to us. I loved the meals (sort of like a buffet) that I was able to try out there immensely because all of them were delicious, had no preservatives (even the dessert!) and everything was quite fresh and organic (all picked from the farm itself). I also love going over the different produce that they were growing there, as well as the herbs which the owner handpicked himself and asked us to taste right off the bat. Don’t worry, it was quite safe to do so actually because they don’t use chemical fertilizers and sprays, which means that we can simply pick some arugula or even some mint, wipe them off a bit (even the side of your shirt will do for the wiping, just make sure it’s clean! Haha.) and stuff them in our mouths. The taste and the flavors of produce are simply amazing when they are grown the right way and are quite fresh. Big difference there. Gazillion pictures below. :)



Unknown Mami





Georgia loves her naps (I love mine too! Haha.) and she usually has them in the afternoon. When I am out of the house the whole day, I am told that she doesn’t really do a lot of her naps and she ends up going up to our room. She “knocks” on our door to check if I’m just inside. She’s beyond cute! ♥

But when I am home, I make sure she can enjoy her naps. She cuddles right next to me and immediately goes to bed. She has in fact (for the most part) gotten used to still napping while I’m working on stuff (her favorite thing to do is come up to me while I’m in the midst of sketching something and she has the  tendency to lay down on top of my work. Haha.). She isn’t too keen about me facing my drafting table for a very long time though.

Also, she looks totally adorable when she is asleep. Sometimes she barks in her sleep or she wiggles her tail  – I sometimes would think that she is dreaming about her treats when she does the latter. The end. Haha.


P.S. When I am having a tough day, it helps to look at cute pictures – this is how I ended up writing this post (and talking about Georgia’s naps) in the first place. Such a weirdo, Pau.  But yeah, you can never go wrong with too much cuteness. Haha. Love you Georgia! :)

P.P.S. She had a shorter haircut than usual but it’s her “summer cut”. Quite perfect for the hot weather.




Jihyun Ryou’s project focuses on the present situation of food and how to preserve it. As quoted from her (and what I found particularly interesting), “I’ve learned that we hand over the responsibility of taking care of food to technology, the refrigerator. We don’t observe the food anymore and we don’t understand how to treat it”.

Basically, the cool thing about this is that the concept is actually very simple and quite basic. It is something we have easily overlooked in this modernized world full of technology. This is also my belated “Green” tribute to St. Paddy’s day. A very good example of Green Design, that addresses an aspect of the overuse of energy and food wastage. Enjoy!


Verticality of Root Vegetables

Keeping roots in a vertical position allows the organism to save energy and remain fresh for a longer time. This shelf gives a place for them to stand easily, using sand. At the same time, sand helps to keep the proper humidity.


Symbiosis of Potato+Apple

Apples emit a lot of ethylene gas. It has the effect of speeding up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables kept together with apples. When combined with potatoes, apples prevent them from sprouting.


Breathing of Eggs

An egg has millions of holes in its shell. It absorbs the odour and substance around itself very easily. This creates a bad taste if it’s kept in the fridge with other food ingredients. This shelf provides a place for eggs outside of the fridge. Also the freshness of eggs can be tested in the water. The fresher they are, the further they will sink.


Dryness of Spices

Rice absorbs humidity easily. The spice container with rice inside helps spices stay dry without forming into lumps.


Humidity of Fruit Vegetables

We tend to think zucchini, aubergine, cucumber, etc. as vegetables. But they are biologically fruits. This shelf gives them a space to be outside the fridge. Also through the ritual to water them everyday, they will stay fresh.


P.S. Really cool ideas that we can try to apply in our own kitchens and in how we store some of our goods. Doing our part in minimizing the use of energy will be a good thing to do for our environment. Cheers! :)

P.P.S. In addition, you can check out a video about it below. Functional and absolutely brilliant design!





Another thing that I dearly love – old houses/heritage/ancestral houses. I did part of my design thesis  on one, how to conserve the existing structure itself and how to renovate a more recent addition structure to make it part of the existing.  It was actually more complicated than that of course, with the space undergoing various transitions over the years. But I loved every minute of it actually, even crawling under old and dusty framing to take measurements. Haha.

So it certainly was a treat for me to be able to visit another awesome ancestral house, the Balay Negrense. At present, it is now a museum of sorts that represents the lifestyle of Negrense Sugar Baron during the late 19th century. Ancestral houses here in the Philippines are classified according to certain periods and foreign influences (ex. American Colonial Era, Japanese Era, etc.).

Though I can go on and on with this the whole day (I really find it interesting!), I’ll leave you with a brief account of it Architecture-wise and then class dismissed for now. Haha. So, here we go.

This house is an example of a bahay na bato (which literally means “House of Stone”, I can explain further on the history of the bahay na bato another time if anyone is curious about it). It’s lower storey which is typically the stone part of the bahay na bato is actually made of concrete. As typical of old houses, it’s floors and foundation posts are made of a sturdy local hardwood. It has a good high ceiling for the second storey and wide open windows.

Pictures below. Class dismissed.


P.S. A couple of moi pictures too. I had a lot of fun, had to control looking giddy being in the house. Haha.


Unknown Mami





I love pancakes a great deal and I could eat a couple any time of the day (it’s not limited to just breakfast food for me). I even went through a phase wherein I would make them every single day. Haha.

Even though I think I am already done with that phase at present,  I still get the occasional cravings and when I do, I like to be creative with my pancakes. The pancakes above are quite delicious and healthier (in a sense). I make them  when I am craving for some pancakes and a bit of apple pie – these babies address both concerns. What an invention! I’m a genius! Haha.

No eggs in my pancakes and I add a bit of oatmeal and flax too. I made some apple cinnamon (which I really really love. By the way, you can bake it for awhile in the oven as well), they do have cinnamon sticks that you can use and I don’t use sugar either. If you must, do use an organic substitute.

Perfect for the weekends, complements the much needed R&R and I find them comforting. Have a good weekend everyone!






I was quite worn out for the last couple of days, with all the design stuff  (plus a couple of appointments) that needed to be done, attended to and crossed out in my to-do list. An example from yesterday’s to-do list was giving out specifications for stools and a table I had someone customize for me among other things. I had a lot of fun though! (and a bit of a headache. Haha.:)

Anyhow, here are a couple of hasty shots from the Green Design Talk I mentioned a few days ago. It was quite an awesome talk by  Archt. Joy Onozawa (an awesome lady and a Certified Green Building Designer), packed with so much useful information about our environment, the situation of our planet at present, how we can incorporate Green Design in architecture and interior design.

For those who aren’t familiar with Green Design, its basically environmentally conscious design. When applied in interior design, It’s about us designing responsibly by thinking of the environment as well, of us helping our clients use spaces that respect the environment. It was certainly quite interesting to learn things like how we can use our country’s humidity to our advantage when we are designing or how by simple reconfigurations in our  design we can already make interiors a lot cooler without using too much energy (i.e. air conditioners or electric fans).

We were also given a tour of Greenovate Corporation’s Green Model Unit, an earth-friendly home which incorporates an environment-friendly design concept and built using affordable pre-fabricated materials which acknowledge the concept of minimizing the negative impact on our environment (ex. It allows its occupants to save on water and electricity). Yup, I enjoyed listening to the talk beside a nifty solar-powered air conditioning system.

I can go on and on about this (I think I’ll do a separate post all together about Green Design) because its beyond awesome but I think I’ll stop up to here for now. A couple of pictures below.





Definitely one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. It’s simply beautiful and it definitely took my breath away. ♥

To quote Luci Lizares-Yunque, “Like a lady wooed by her man, the Ruins play with your emotions especially at sunset with its orange pinks and purples hues. He charms, tickles and romances you. But at sundown, the Ruins take a different persona. With blue and golden sights emanating from nooks and crannies, it is now a lady, teasing, flirting, a temptress confident of her beauty as well as her majesty.”

A couple of cool facts about it – 1. This was built in the early 1900’s by a Filipino sugar baron for his wife (their initials M and M were molded onto the mansion’s posts). Only their unmarried children were allowed to live there as well, 2. This was intentionally burned down during World War II, 3. It is of Italianate Architecture with neo-Romanesque columns, 4. The walls were incorporated with egg whites mixed with cement which gives it a certain sheen/gloss.

P.S. I definitely had a lot of fun taking pictures under the heat of the sun. I had no idea pictures (one of them below) where taken. Paparazzi, stop it. Haha. I kid :)


Unknown Mami




I am definitely liking these pictures (below) a great deal – I have always loved this concept. It’s super fun!

This is Ikea’s baking book which contains classic Swedish recipes (from small biscuits to large cakes). As stated, the idea of this book became to tone down the actual baked goods and put the ingredients as the main focus (they presented the recipes in a totally new fashion). It starts out with graphic still-life portraits of the ingredients and then culminates to the picture of each finished product. Such fun art! ♥



P.S. I was able to attend the talk scheduled for today about Green Building Design. We were also given a tour of the model unit that was built based on this concept. I’ll post a couple of pictures before the week ends hopefully and talk about it some more. It was a lot of fun! :)





I had a really good and productive day today. Finally decided on the outdoor furniture that I needed for a project, got those today. I also got a couple of really cool pieces. Picking up one of my favorite chairs later on in the week. It was quite hot (i.e. very very hot) today and I got a minor headache from driving around in this heat but I had a lot of fun getting things done and I’m quite excited. Yey!

By the way, beautiful drawings above by Yellena James. I really, really love them. I have always had this affinity for this kind of art. Simply surreal, rich,  organic, dreamlike and in some ways, reminds me of the sea.




I know, I was away for quite some time. *doesn’t make eye contact*  – Haha. I was actually nursing a tummy pain problem and when I eventually got better, it was this design journal’s turn to experience problems of its own. Anyhow, I’m very very happy to be back. (Insert megawatt smile here).

What better way to start this month than by sharing an experimental concoction I came up with? Cool beans!

During the beginning of the weekend, I was told that they got some fresh scallops for me and I can do whatever I wish with said scallops.  The thing is,  I get really excited when I experiment with cooking. It reminds me so much of designing, you can play around with different ideas and apply creativity. I also like taking advantage of fresh ingredients because the flavor they possess is simply awesome.

I definitely had a lot of fun doing this and I knew what I wanted to come up with – a savory scallop dish. Though I wanted to use some cooking wine that was especially good for seafood, I decided to just go with an alternative so that in case my mom will eat it, it’ll  be completely safe and non-alcoholic.  Also, I won’t do a step by step thing but will instead discuss how I sort of did it (i.e. a paragraph or two). On to the cooking!

 I do love ratios and stuff but with this, I made my own proportions in a sense. I decided to steam the first half of my scallops (I want to try something different with the remaining half. Perhaps do a play on oriental flavors for the next batch). Steaming is actually a good and healthy cooking option. To start things off, I seasoned the scallops with some salt, pepper and garlic beforehand. I then infused the steaming with some fresh lemon grass and a lemon for some subtle zest. Quick note, cooking time for the scallops is about 8-10 minutes when you steam them.

Do take advantage of the natural “fresh-from-the-sea” flavor of the scallops (I wanted that particular flavor to be the focal/base flavor) and keep things simple. Use the remaining scallop juice/drippings from steaming and make a thick, rich gravy of sorts. On low heat, add some evoo and mix in a couple of cloves of garlic (chopped finely), stir for at least a minute. Add in the drippings and simmer for a couple of minutes to thicken. You may add some cooking wine at this point to deglaze the sauce  but since I wanted this alcohol free (even if its just wine), there are wine alternatives that work as well (examples include white grape juice, water, etc.). Add some fresh herbs (think of herbs that would complement the taste that you are going for) and some fresh chives towards the end. Don’t forget to season with some salt and pepper. Plate your dish and acquaint with your tastebuds. :)

This is quite a rich and savory dish that is really good (I loved how it turned out) and would also be perfect for Lent. Have fun in your kitchen and make some art of your own! :)






I guess I’m still riding out my “love/romantic theme” for today. For this post, I’m featuring a summary of Dr. Deborah Anapol’s book entitled, “The Seven Natural Laws of Love”.  She’s amazing for writing this.

It’s actually quite insightful and I’m sharing it to everyone in the hopes that we can all learn something from it. The concept of Valentine’s Day isn’t solely about romantic love. For me (in general), it’s the celebration of love and all it’s forms and types. Cheers!

Love is its own law. Let love be your guiding principle. When in doubt, listen to your heart. Don’t allow mental concepts, beliefs, or assumptions that are not based on love to dictate your behavior.

The law of source. You are the source of love. The love inside you is abundant and eternal. You don’t need to beg, control or compromise in order to be loved.

The law of attraction. The more you focus on love and gratitude, the more you will be surrounded by love. If you complain, blame, and dwell on fear, you’ll attract others who are also resentful, angry, and fearful.

The law of unity. Love knows no borders and no boundaries. Love includes everyone and everything. Love takes no position, rising above separation. Find unity within by resolving the conflicts inside yourself and you won’t have to act them out with another.

The law of truth. Let telling the truth about who you are and what you are feeling and thinking be your foundation. Vulnerable self-disclosures allow for empathy and understanding. The more truth is shared the more love grows.

The law of consciousness. Love is a state of consciousness available only when you’re willing to relinquish your defenses. Protection is a barrier to love. Love cannot be given or taken but it can be shared. The vibration of love in you is often stimulated when you come into contact with one who carries it.

The law of forgiveness. Its okay to make mistakes. Very few humans are able to love perfectly. Forgive yourself and others generously and you’ll always have a second chance. Focus more on giving than getting and you’ll have much less forgiving to do.

P.S. I wish to do a shout-out (sort of) to my original Valentine/VALENTINEs. Happy Valentine’s Day Mum and Dad! I love you forever.

P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day to Georgia’s dada and to my little one as well. I love you, Georgia! ♥

(Beautiful Prints by J.M. Barclay)



Yup, still bitten by the love bug. What could be more romantic than weddings (I’m a sucker for romantic stuff)? I like going over wedding photographs (I love the set-ups especially) especially those with amazing details and a personalized touch. My most recent favorite set was styled by Gloria Wong. She’s an amazing lady and she executed a design concept with most of my favorite stuff in it (awesommeee). Everything looks so pretty! ♥

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!



I was looking for cake design inspirations two weeks ago and came across these illustrations. I’m glad I did because they are super cool and I love them ♥

The illustrations are from a cool children’s book by Laura Ljungkvist about an enthusiastic parrot who visited his neighborhood and ends up making a new song.

I want a copy! Haha.

P.S. I picked the ones above in particular because I love cake and cupcakes (and other tasty bakery treats!) and I love art. Typical Pau. Haha. :)



I really really love this ad from Mercedes-Benz (it’s really artsy!) and no, it’s not an ad with cars in it. It’s something entirely cool and different (both in concept and design), a really good ad in my opinion. I won’t say too much, just check it for yourself below.

So, which portion of your brain is the dominant one?

P.S. If you aren’t that acquainted with this, here is a quick brief. When a person develops a dominance towards one side of their brain, they tend to have certain areas of interest and even characteristics in common. The left side (left cerebral hemisphere) of the brain is often thought of as the logical, thinking side while right brain dominant people are thought of as the artists and dreamers of the world.  I just want to make it clear though that this doesn’t necessarily mean that if one is dominant in one field, he is quite poor in the other – he simply has strengths in different areas.

Personally, I can’t entirely make up my mind if I am left or right brained. Haha. Yup, I know that I am in the design/arts industry and I tend to gravitate towards it more but I did come from a Science High School (and proud of it!) a few years back . Boggling right? A Science Scholar who pursued  Fine Arts. Haha.  I also find that I manifest things that are done in the left brain (this includes the part wherein they mentioned that Left Brained People tend to be dog lovers as opposed to Right Brained People who are cat lovers. It even made me laugh. Love you Georgia! :) ).  Anyhow, I’m settling on being a mixture of both but gravitating more towards the right brain.

P.P.S. Want to find out which portion is more dominant for you? Try out this cool test (it’s more of a creativity test really but it does the job), click here. It said that I am more right brained than left-brained. I guess I’m right with my initial assumption above. Haha. :)



I love Pia Ulin’s pictures, here are a couple of pretty ones for today. I’m definitely posting more of her photography in this journal. She’s awesome ♥

P.S. It’s painfully hot here at the moment, I mean the weather is pretty much like this all year round. I had a couple of errands and for the most part, a good day. I leave you with a picture of one of the awesomest sandwiches out there, it is in fact quite close to my heart. It may look like a bunch of leaves/foliage for the most part  but I love the dressing (it makes me smile everytime) and it is indeed delicious.  Haha. :)

P.P.S. I can’t believe it’s already February tomorrow! Wow.



For those who were wondering how birds look like dressed in military wear, here you go. :) Awesome illustrations by Sato, a Japanese artist. Absolutely brilliant!

I had a hard time choosing which one is my favorite among all of them though. They are just all so brilliant and dashing and “secret agent” cool. *sigh*



Happy New Year Everyone!

I’d like to consider this year as a fresh start and would love to share this with all of you as well. It’s the lyrics of another personal favorite/best-loved song (it wasn’t  a song to begin with, it started out originally as an article from an awesome lady’s column) for many years now actually (I used to listen to it in the car after school) and I would love to use it as a guide for this year and the years to come hopefully. I wish all of us an awesome 2012! Enjoy!

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’97

Wear sunscreen.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it

The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.

I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth.

Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they’ve faded.

But trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.

You are not as fat as you imagine.

Don’t worry about the future.

Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.

The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday.

Do one thing every day that scares you.


Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts.

Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.


Don’t waste your time on jealousy.

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.

The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults.

If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.


Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.

The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives.

Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don’t.

Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll have children, maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary.

Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either.

Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else’s.

Enjoy your body.

Use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or of what other people think of it.

It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

Dance – even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.

Read the directions., even if you don’t follow them.

Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.
Get to know your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good.

Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.

Understand that friends come and go,
but with a precious few you should hold on.

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard.

Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. Travel.

Accept certain inalienable truths:

Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You, too, will get old.

And when you do, you’ll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble, and children respected their elders.

Respect your elders.
Don’t expect anyone else to support you.

Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out.

Don’t mess too much with your hair or by the time you’re 40 it will look 85.

Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.

Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.

But trust me on the sunscreen.

P.S. Yup, I wouldn’t end this post without even a single mention of Georgia (it’s her fourth new year). I am beginning my new year with her. Cheers! I love you, Georgia Porgia! ♥

P.P.S. I’d like to ask a favor from all of you. Please do pray for my mom, we continue on with our battle. She has a challenging procedure and we will be at the hospital on the third. Thank you.



First Post for 2012 (sort of). Awesome!

P.S. It’s a little treat for all of you. I hope you love it as much I do. ♥
P.P.S. I’m off to bed now. It’s already morning! Haha. Happy New Year Everyone!!! Yey!



“Lou Lou Who: I’m glad he took our presents. You can’t hurt Christmas, Mr. Mayor, beacuse it isn’t about the… the gifts or the contest or the fancy lights. That’s what Cindy’s been trying to tell everyone… and me. I don’t need anything more for Christmas than this right here: my family.”

“The Grinch: It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags.
: The the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before.
The Grinch
: Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…
: He thought
The Grinch
: …means a little bit more.”

Merry Christmas to you and to your families, Everyone! ♥

P.S. This may be the awesomest Christmas I ever had to date. I am very very grateful for the gift of family and loved ones!



Haha. Indulge me with my post’s title. Well, it is an awesome gift guide. :)

We all love to shop for presents during Christmas for our families and friends. Though this gift guide is posted just a few days into Christmas day, I highly encourage doing Christmas shopping early (slowly buying gifts throughout the year and getting them ready for December is a good idea as well) to avoid the hustle and bustle, as well as the stress and long lines at the counter and having more options available.

These are just ideas for presents you can get for the people you love. I love personal gifts and those out of the ordinary. I also love presents with an artisan feel to them, they have a lot of character in my opinion.


1. Handmade Fleur de Sel Caramels (1/2 lbs. in a Mason Jar)

- I’ve been eyeing these for some time now and unfortunately they are sold out already (*sniff*). They would make an awesome gift, melt in your mouth caramels hand wrapped in natural unbleached parchment paper. I tend to associate Christmas with getting scrumptious baked goods in festive packaging (cupcakes and apple pies!).

2. Colorful Vintage Seltzer Glass Bottles

- Something perfect to add to your collection plus they are really pretty.  I love vintage bottles! These babies were found in a flea market in Paris, France. Check them out here.

3. Decorative Pear Pillow

- For something cutesy/plush and definitely whimsical. They are adorable gifts for both adults and kids. They are also handmade (Coolio!). You can find them here.

4. Mug by Hangyu Kim

-Jazz up the mug present option with this. It is incredibly clever and cool. Borosilicate glass and porcelain handles. The handles are detachable and thus drinking coffee wouldn’t be a boring event anymore. Awesome sauce!

5. Primitive Bunnies

- I always have this affinity for old school stuffed animals. They have more character and will be an awesome keepsake for your child. They can also be used as decor for a nursery or a child’s room. They are made from natural fabrics and you can find them here.

6. Botanicals

-This is a cool gift for friends or people who love plants (Trivia: I love terrariums! ♥). You can even make these on your own as well and they wouldn’t require a great deal of care at all.

7. Versailles Fluò by Selab

- I love these pieces, truly eclectic pieces that you can add to your China cabinet. They are made out of fine porcelain and they remind me indeed of Versailles. I love the pop of color!

8. Gourmet Chocolate Bars

- I love these! They come in chic designs and awesome flavors. A truly classy present, I’d love a couple of these babies. Premium Belgian couverture white chocolate infused with ceremony grade matcha green tea. An awesome balance of bitter and sweet.

Your options are quite endless actually, that’s what I wanted to point out with this post. I wanted to inspire you in some way to go and look for more original presents. The recipients will really appreciate the thought.

More importantly though, let us not forget though that presents are simply secondary to what Christmas is really about. A really awesome gift is to help out others by offering your time (join a feeding activity or spending time in an orphanage or a nursing home), that is simply priceless. :) )

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

P.S. It would be awesome if we can help out the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. If you have extra time, money, food, clothing, do share them and drop them off at designated drop off areas all around the metro. Thank you!

P.P.S. I read this posted around the web, “Convert your fireworks and parties to food, clothing, etc. for the Typhoon Sendong victims in CDO and Iligan”. It is a good thought. :)



Hi Everyone! This was the article I made for Vécu Magazine (A big thank you to Delina!). This was supposed to be posted earlier, but hopefully it can still help you guys out in some way (for those who are doing some last minute preparations). Enjoy!

A favorite event of the year, Christmas is truly a festive celebration spent with family and friends. Christmas dinners, decorating your tree, tinsels and lights, and basically turning your home into a sparkly yuletide confection – although secondary, are certainly just as significant and have become memorable traditions for most households when December comes knocking at our doors.

Achieving the holiday atmosphere you have always wanted can be quite a challenge. To ensure that your home is “Christmas Ready”, preparation is key and a couple of tips should help you be on your way. Happy Holidays!

Your Basics

Try Out A Theme For Your Tree

It can be somewhat overwhelming when you are just getting started, especially when you don’t know where to begin. As a suggestion, you can pick out a theme for your tree and from there you can work your way around everything else. Some people want to go for something whimsical and thus might even get a pink tree. You can go with a Wild West theme or even an Under the Sea one if you wish to go with something unconventional. You can also stick to something simpler, such as picking a color spectrum (think blue in various shades for example) or two of your favorite colors and build around that.

Decorating Trends For The Holidays

Just like in fashion, you can also acquaint yourself with this season’s hottest holiday trends if that is your preference. You can certainly use that as a guide for ideas. According to the Trend Curve, light shades of green and silver have been paired up together. Masculine influences are also present. Think hunting lodge and deer motifs. For a more urban feel, colors like pewter and metallic gray together with black and beige are used. New applications for glitter and metallics are also added in the mix.

Traditional Christmas décor is trendy still and I believe will always be timeless. The return of classic reds and greens are quite evident. According to Sphere Trending, gold and silver are staples. Bronzes with a rosy tint and silvers with a touch of golden sheen are options as well.

The Technicalities and Observing Practices

Warm Lights and Candles

Incorporating lighting will help provide an exceptional atmosphere at night. For indoors, try looking into LED types of Christmas lights. They are very good investments in the long run, though they may appear small but they actually provide very good illumination and are energy efficient. If you are new to installing lights (these apply for both indoors and outdoors), do start out small. Make sure that you are using lights designed specifically for that certain area and if you are using lights from the year before, test them out first. Add dimension by using different sizes, use electrical tape instead of staples to stick lights in place and make sure to not overload your circuits.

Get some candles and consider tea lights, these are affordable for the most part. They add a homey touch and come in a variety of designs, colors and even scents. You can arrange them in groups with varying heights or get large pillar ones and place them near your window.

Décor Longevity

Consider getting décor that are timeless and thus can be used for many years. Products with longevity are important because the economy today is becoming an integral factor in re-evaluating how we spend for seasonal décor. As an example, consider the use of ribbons and bows because of their versatility. They can be used for plants, your chandelier, stair railings and even chair backs. Choose ribbons in patterns and colors that go with your overall design scheme, they will definitely add to the festive feel. You can even utilize plaids or metallics. To save money, choose ribbons that you can untie and re-tie each year. In terms of storing, this will ensure that your bows won’t get crushed and will be ready for the following year.

For Small Spaces

Small spaces can be quite challenging. That being said, a good imagination and a bit of innovation will help. Move your furniture closer together to come up with a cozy corner for your tree. If incorporating one in your space is not an option, alternatives include getting faux tabletop tree or even a wall decal one. Use clear and reflective décor. Clear pieces such as glass lamps or those made of Lucite lend visual weightlessness and reflective ones with mirror panels help make your space appear bigger.

Bring out the Creativity

Dining and the Christmas Table

Christmas dinners with loved ones are priceless and a beautiful Christmas table helps set the mood for a wonderful evening. Opt for classic and good quality holiday pieces that will stand the test of time. This enables you to try out something fun such as using holiday tableware for every meal in December. You can definitely add new pieces to your collection each year and soon you’ll be able to have one or two settings to use. Start out with classic white dishes and a neutral setting and layer color through patterned textiles and textures in your ornaments. Incorporate pieces passed down in your family such as your Grandparents’ china or pieces from your flea market trip. Add candles, greenery, pinecones and a bedazzled touch by using gem ornaments and some gold and silver.

Indulge in Nifty Crafts

You can always incorporate little DIY projects during the holidays and they can range from doing Christmas tree toppers or doing something interactive with your children such as making pasta garlands. Do try out two of these nifty crafts, they don’t take much time plus they look great. If you have fresh fruit on hand and would like to create a centerpiece, simply use some egg white and sugar to coat the fruits and end up with gorgeous frosted fruit. For a more bedazzled effect and this isn’t limited to just fruits, try spraying food with Food Finish. This is a type of food coloring that comes in various metallic finishes and will definitely add luster to your cuisine.

P.S. I am one of Vécu Magazine’s Contributors for December (Awesome sauce! ♥). Do support Independent Artists!

(Photography by Paula Cañete)



(Referring to the first photo below) – Where is this cool place? Better yet, what is it?

We had an awesome time at the Island Paints Showroom yesterday when they invited us to come by for a visit. I got acquainted with their paint basics (and the colors they offer) and their line of paint products with more focus on architectural and interior paints and finishes.

I have always loved paints (I mean I love color to begin with) and I do get so enamored with ranges of paint and product lines. I especially want to try out their Concreto Bond (Ok Pau, showing your nerdishness again. Haha.). Basically, it’s a plaster and waterproofing compound.

They also gave us tips on how and when best to apply their paints, as well as how best to prep and do surface preparation. They were quite informative with ratios (ex. amount of their cement polymer mix to how many kilos of concrete to mix together for optimum strength and durability) as well as how to apply some of their other products (ex. their stone coating system by means of a mortar gun). They also talked a bit about appliance paints.

They were quite awesome as well for doing a great deal of demo for us, I am quite into stain finishes and beautiful wood (Yup, that explains just a little bit why I have quite a number of pictures of their demo).

P.S. Yup, paints come in various “stages” (I can’t seem to find a better word at the moment.). You can get them in gloss, semi-gloss, satin (or an egg shell finish) and flat (or matte). Do know when to use solvent based and water based paints and what best to use for a certain surface (ex. wood, concrete, metal).

P.P.S. Bernie (I love you and your armpits. Haha.) and I were able to get a picture taken together. Awesome sauce! I’ll add it to this post once I get a copy. Oh, Happy Bonifacio day as well if you are in the Philippines :)



This is sort of the continuation of my post from last Sunday with regards to my Bacolod trip and bombarding you with my pictures (Haha. Sorry about that.).

The cool thing about going on a trip is that you not only get to know more about a certain place, you also get to know more about the people you are traveling with. What made up for an even more awesome adventure such as this is the good company. Here is to more trips in the future. Cheers.

Yup, no brief narrative” for this post. Haha.

P.S. I might do a quick add if inspiration and more words suddenly hit me. I might but don’t hold me to it. Oh, I hope you all had an amazing weekend (Sundays are for laidback posts :) ). Though we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, I am thankful for all of you and this design journal. ♥

P.P.S. Credits to the group pictures (basically the pictures with people in them) goes to Khe2x. Thanks Khe! :)

Unknown Mami



This is an excerpt from our Directory and Sourcebook, basically a Publication from PIID-Cebu (Philippine Institute of Interior Designers – Cebu Chapter). Do get your copy! :)

Who needs an interior designer, one might say, when you know what you want and think you have the eye for it. A sofa you’ve been eyeing comes on sale so you rush to purchase it only to find it is way too big for your room and is now blocking your doorway.

Or, seeing tiles that are on sale, you rush to purchase them and have them installed only to find you are missing a few more pieces but the tiles have been sold out and discontinued.

Hiring a professional interior designer may cost a bit, but it’s more costly to make one mistake after another. PIID-Cebu would like to share some reasons for hiring an Interior Designer:

1. An Interior Designer is client-oriented and designs spaces based on the client’s budget, needs and lifestyle.

2. An Interior Designer is a problem solver and he does it systematically.

3. An Interior Designer pays attention to the littlest details.

4. An Interior Designer can plan, schedule, manage and see formidable costly mistakes that may incur in the long run.

5. An Interior Designer can anticipate a long-term view of the situation, not merely a current snapshot.

6. An Interior Designer can present unique and custom furnishings that cannot be found everywhere else, he can also give you access to furniture showrooms that are not open to the general public.

7. An Interior Designer can pull together spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional – he can maximize space and make it more efficient.

8. An Interior Designer can translate your vision into paper, making it easy for contractors to execute the design.

9. An Interior Designer has a wide database of vendors, contractors, and other service providers; thus simplifying the client’s life, as designers can have samples brought to the client instead of having the client go out of his way to check out materials.

10. An Interior Designer is acquainted with a wide array of surfaces, materials, finishes and products, and can recommend the most appropriate one for the client’s needs.

(Image Credit – Paula Cañete, A Quick Perspective Sketch for a Café)



Fresh Oysters?

Nope, not in my tummy (I have nothing against oysters but I don’t eat them). We ordered some as well for lunch. By the way, today is an awesome day (although it’s not over yet, we had a long morning) and I am very grateful to God (Thank you!). I am full and contented and have decided to do a quick “What’s in my tummy log” of some sort.

The Crème Brûlée sampler was quite good and the serving was just right since everything was quite rich. I also enjoyed the Churros Con Chocolate. We also had some tuna sisig and yes, I took pictures (just a couple) as always. I liked the place where we had lunch and they do shark feeding. How cool is that (in a sense)?

Georgia and I both were able to take awesome showers as well and are now squeaky clean. That’s all for now with the randomness, General. :)

Quick Add: Ate Tatie had about 14-16 oysters.Yeah boy! Haha.



I was able to finish working on the pictures for this particular trip (Finally, Pau. Haha.). But before moving on to set below, I would just like to include a couple of details first. (A short personal narrative hopefully. Haha.)

Known as the “City of Smiles” here in the Philippines, Bacolod is also the capital city of Negros Occidental. It is said to be the cleanest and greenest urbanized city here. For the most part, I love Bacolod. I love that they are focusing on organic and healthier ventures (i.e. vegetables, produce, their well-known Muscovado sugar). The hotel we stayed at was amazing, they are  going green advocates. They even have an extensive vegetable and herb garden at the back where fresh produce used for some of our meals were harvested (Hello freshly-picked tarragon for my tea). On a related note, a cool structure there was their mud house and the bunch of interior designers that we are, we pretty much examined every nook and cranny. I for one was quite fascinated by the technicalities of the building aspect. It has been said that the mud house is quite a strong structure and will last for many, many years. It is also quite cool  (temperature-wise as well) once you are inside, if I may add.

We had a very long itinerary (Aside from immersing in the arts, food and sampling the cuisine was also a main priority for us. Shameless. Haha.) and that definitely included stopping by highly-recommended Pasalubong (Translation: the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift) stores, they had a cool selection of jams which are grown and made  in Bacolod (I got some all natural passion fruit and sweet kamote jam for my mom. They also had some watermelon varieties!). I was able to get some organic black rice (which is really good actually) there as well. Since we are on the topic of food, they also have the most amazing and  the best-tasting cheesecakes (hands down) I’ve tried to date (Hello Calea!). I also love the Napoloeones at Pendy’s! ♥

For those who know me, I love heritage houses and antiques and awesome artifacts. We dropped by some of Bacolod’s awesome heritage houses and sites. It has been said that Bacolod is comprised of prominent families (from a tour guide’s brief at one of the sites, haciendas and hacienderos are common words there), thus the antique collections in most of the said houses are extensive. Though I got quite dusty and sweaty, I definitely had a ball during the tour!

I had fun taking pictures immensely. That also meant lugging my things about all throughout the trip. I was sore and worn out every night. (Haha.) But it was definitely worth it. :)

I can go on and on with this narrative (I told you we had a long itinerary) but I think I should just stop to here for now. I will definitely do a couple more posts about this trip (which includes my favorite site there, The Ruins) throughout this week hopefully. Do stay tuned for “City of Smiles (Part 2)” over the weekend!

P.S. I’ll try to look for a picture of us with the whole group. Yup, just a random thought after checking out the rest of the pictures.

Unknown Mami



I fell in love with all the amazing illustrations in this post. I have always had an affinity for Zebras (Yes, I seem to have an affinity for lots of things and when I meet nice and brilliant people, I always end up wanting to adopt them. Haha.). Not only do I enjoy Zebra prints on clothes and my loafers (as well as my Sanuks), but even my online design portfolio was inspired by Zebras.

I find them unique, edgy yet elegant, puzzling (Is it white with black stripes or black with white stripes?) and they go well with pops of loud and neon colors. They are quite beautiful too! Rest assured, when I do settle on what my dream place will be like, Zebras will never be overlooked in the mix. I might even get one if they have teacup ones. Haha.

Enjoy the brilliant illustrations from Jose Luis Romero, a Creative Designer and Illustrator below. Love!♥

P.S. For updates of a more personal nature, I am a busy bee at the moment and my to-do list is a bit long. I hope I can get everything accomplished right away. Since I cannot exactly expound on the serious work stuff on my list, I would love to babble a bit about the not so serious ones. So, I did some cleaning in preparation for Saturday and I am grateful that I had some help as well. For someone so tiny, I have a lot of stuff!

I hope to take some pictures as well for something and Georgia needs a bath as well. I do have to check if she is due for her other deworming medication and she smells like mangoes. She had been eating some during lunch, her whiskers are yellow! How random am I?

P.P.S It’s 11-11-11 soon and I just want to say that you are loved, all of you. :)



Hi Everyone! :)

One of the coolest things about doing this journal is meeting really incredible people and having the pleasure of developing treasured friendships even though we are far away. Getting to know Kelly has been awesome and she is an amazing person. She’s really nice too! :)

It was fantabulous of her to do a feature on what I do (in a sense) and I am very honored that she allowed me to impart some of my own thoughts to her readers. Do check out her blog!

If you are interested to know how I came about being an interior designer (to a certain extent and in paragraph form. Haha.) and see some of my work, you can read my feature here.

Thanks! ♥



Hello Everyone!

I have yet to work on the pictures I took while I was away on a trip the other weekend. I hope I can post them soon. A favorite quote from Kelly with regards to delays, “Life happens to us all”. I am not trying to be cheeky but she is right and I found that simple statement to be quite profound.

My sister came home for our mom (went to pick her up at the airport this morning) and I am quite happy about that. Yey!

By the way, Georgia is a natural when she gets her picture taken. I am such a proud mommy. Haha. *puffs chest out with pride*

Note: I can’t seem to string a couple of sentences at the moment and the thoughts above are quite random stuff, right off the top of my head. I will get some sleep for now and perhaps update this post tomorrow? (i.e. Add a couple more paragraphs). We’ll see.

Goodnight! :)

Quick Add (I am feeling a bit serious at the moment): With regards to the shoot above, I felt like doing it because it reminds me of Regina Brett’s  beautiful statement. I am at the most trying time of my life at present, with my mom being sick, but I try to constantly remind myself of Regina’s profound statements. The most appropriate one for this post being, “No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up for Life”.

P.S. Please excuse my retard look with Georgia above. We were doing a quick smooch for the camera. Haha.

P.P.S. Happy Halloween! I’ll do Halloween posts (perhaps I’ll do one or two) in the next few days.



Super cool right?

Yes, it’s made of paper. These exquisite and highly detailed designs and paper sculptures (i.e. works of art) are by Calvin Nicholls. It is quite evident that he has a great deal of passion for his art and he says that he finds great satisfaction from exploring various techniques in paper sculpture.

More of his pieces, below. I for one enjoyed going over them immensely. Enjoy!

P.S. I (for the life of me) didn’t know these (referring to the paper sculptures) were even possible. I am simply in awe by his talent and if ever he welcomes apprentices, I will definitely fall in line. Haha. :)

P.P.S. My personal favorites are the zebras and the owl ones simply because I am partial to them. (Haha.) But in totality, I love all of them, amazing detailing! ♥



A Funky Tuesday to Everyone!

To continue on with the “funkiness” of this post, here are a couple of pieces which I am in love with at the moment (I want one of each please. Haha.)

Dubbed as the “Trip Collection” by Italian lifestyle brand Seletti (who came up with the designs as well), this furniture collection actually does a reinterpretation of classic pieces – adding an edgy/funky modern touch. Definitely eye-catching pieces made from MDF with silkscreen prints. The prints include trendy  pied-de-poules and polka dots.

This brings two words in mind – Baroque and Versailles.

“(R)evolution is the only solution”

P.S. These pieces made me think of Marie Antoinette (for some weird reason) as well. I am definitely doing a post on her too!

P.P.S. My new favorite drink at the moment is Aloe Vera juice. It’s light and refreshing. I love it ♥! By the way, Georgia is due for a haircut and I hope to be able to bring her to the groomers this week.



This particular work of art will leave you in awe. (At least I hope it will. It left me in awe and scared me just a bit. Haha.)

Jacques Louis-David was a very influential French painter (i.e. considered to be the most distinguished painter of the era) and his paintings were of the Neoclassical style. His name is forever embedded in my brain not only because he was a revolutionary artist but also because of my Art History class – we had to identify all his paintings! But I am certainly not complaining (re: identifying all his paintings) because they are such magnificent paintings and I believe any knowledge gained is priceless (Yey for school!).

Back to the main agenda of this post, one of his iconic paintings, “The Death of Marat” was chosen as the inspiration for the staging of André Cheniér for Bregenz Festival 2011. A spectacular production which consisted of a famous floating stage on the shore of Lake Constance, the image of Jean Paul Marat (as he was stabbed in his bath tub) became the  stage set. It stood over twenty-four meters above Lake Constance.

The amazing people responsible for this monumental production are Keith Warner (Director) and David Fielding (Stage Designer). The amazing music for the opera was provided by Umberto Giordano. Their opera “André Cheniér” was set against the background of the French Revolution.

P.S. If you wish to see a clip on the construction of the stage set, you may do so here – Bregenz Festival 2011 – Andre Chenier . It’s awesome! :)

P.P.S. ♥ –  I love the Opera (I’d love to be part of one too!) and my favorite one is The Phantom of the Opera (I listen to the songs while I’m on the treadmill. Yup, I am an unusual girl. Haha.)




It’s been a rainy week and we are experiencing a storm as well. I watched the news earlier today and travel ports (sea and air) have canceled trips for everyone’s safety which I think is the best thing to do at the moment.

I wanted to feature some color in this post to counteract the gloominess of the weather at present. The spread below reminded me a great deal of Frieda Kahlo, a well-known Mexican painter who featured  a good number of self-portraits for her paintings. I will definitely do a post on her and some of her paintings one of these days.

I love the vividness of Mexico, the passion in their colors. I also love the concept for the spread (for  Plaid Magazine, Spring/Summer 2011) below and the set decor (Trivia – Interior Designers can also design sets too! I’m one of those who get excited with regards to this. Haha.) More inspiration for everyone below and Viva la Mexico!

P.S. Rainy days are quite stressful for Georgia, they scare her. :( With regards to the storm – Be safe everyone!

P.P.S. On a more upbeat note, Happy Birthday Miggy! I definitely ate a lot of ice cream tonight (i.e. we have five gallons for the party), I hope I don’t get a tummy ache. Buenas noches!



It has been a good few days since Steve Jobs’ death and I wanted to pay  my respects to him and his family. He was a brilliant person who utilized that brilliance to make an impact in the world. A man definitely ahead of his time. Cheers to you, Mr. Jobs!

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be dramatic, but it is quite true.”

- Steve Jobs

(Credits – All Beautiful Pictures from the Internet)


Since I was a little kid, I had always loved chocolate. Before my affinity for ice cream, cupcakes and dumplings – chocolate was always at the forefront. When you break off a piece of the chocolate block, and as you take a bite, all that lusciousness and that richness, that sweet chocolatey goodness creates a lovely symphony in your mouth and your taste buds would mutter a thank you. Plus it makes you happy too (haha).

Over the course of my existence (how profound! haha.), I have tasted quite a number of varieties (I’m not saying I’m an expert) and I am in love with all of them. I usually prefer the milk chocolate ones, the ones with almonds at times, with honeycomb, with rice crispies, with toffee, with mint in them or with caramel or the biscuit ones – Ok, I love almost all of them (haha).

They say that chocolate has chemical properties that may be responsible for those hard-to-place feelings of contentment and happiness. When feeling a bit blue, do have a bite or two but do so in moderation. Lately, I’ve been indulging myself with some dark chocolate and I suggest you do too. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and is good for your heart as well.

Two things to remember about chocolate – 1. If craving for some , do try eating dark chocolate instead, 2. Keep them away from your pets since chocolate is harmful to them and considered poisonous.

What are your chocolate favorites? ♥

P.S. I had a mellow weekend with the family and I am thankful. I also ate a lot. Haha. :) On a side note, if you have some time on your hands and would like to know some fun things about chocolate, do click here.

P.P.S. Visiting Guylian, this was a very amazing day. I had fun taking pictures as well.

Unknown Mami



I have always loved anything Mediterranean – the cuisine (I even love watching cooking shows with amazing ingredients influenced by cultures near the Mediterranean Sea), the details in the design style (Sparkling sunny days, vibrant produce, vivid turquoise waters), it is basically relaxed design and nature is quite apparent in the architectural elements.

I will expound more on Mediterranean design in a separate post for those of you who wish to know more about it or wish to incorporate in your interiors.

A good example of an interior concept that I am especially in love with right now is the Blanc Restaurant and Lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. It exhibits a settle Mediterranean feel in a more contemporary setting (I love it! ♥).

Patricia Urquiola, the brilliant designer for the space, made use of creative spatial layouts and a dramatic openess through the ceiling decorations. The palette is mainly neutral and oh so refreshing (to the point of making me gush even. Haha.).

P.S. Yup, having lunch here someday is definitely in my bucket list. (Lunch is between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Noted. Haha.)

(Steak Salad Photo Credit – Thomas J. Story)



I am a bookworm and one of my favorite things to do is read. I could go on for hours (or for days) reading  especially when I have a good book in my hands. When I’m reading, it’s as if everything else around me seems to just fade away and then its just me and my lovely book in the room. I don’t mean to alarm anyone with this of course. I mean – 1.reading on the train, 2. or while waiting at the visitor’s lounge, 3. or hanging out at a coffee shop are just some of the exceptions (We still have to aware of things around us when hanging out in such public spaces, dude. safety first! *wink*).

Aside from good recommendations, or a favorite author or just really good content and plots or that “i-just-know-this-is-a-good-book” feeling, there are times when I get drawn to a book simply by its cover. Yup, I also love really good book cover designs and since I love you all very much (awwww), I’m sharing one of my favoritest book cover designers. I love Coralie Bickford-Smith. Her designs are simply gorgeous *singsong voice*. The designs really get me going, bursting with design inspiration. I hope they do the same thing for you.

A couple of her book cover designs below.

Lovely aren’t they? The beautiful cover designs make me want to buy all of them (no surprise there. haha.). Before I end this post, I’d like to include a little background about the amazing lady responsible for such awesomeness. Coralie works at Penguin Books where she has made a couple of series designs as a senior cover designer. She draws inspiration for other brilliant design ideas she researches on and  she does a lot of sketching and playing around with images to come up with her concepts.

Hurrah for clothbound books! ♥

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

- Dr. Suess

P.S. Yup, I am a Self-Confessed Bookworm and proud of it! :) How about you, what books are you reading?

P.P.S. On a side note, you can find a previous mention of Coralie Bickford-Smith by clicking here.



My dearest three-year-old, Georgia. *A Mummy’s sigh*

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

For those who have been reading this design journal, you might have an inkling (or more like an in-your-face-big hint) that I love to chronicle Georgia’s birthdays and I try my bestest to celebrate it the best way possible. Though it really breaks my heart chambers, I was out of the country still when Georgia had her third birthday (this was beyond my control, believe me). Nevertheless, I called home to make sure that a mass service was arranged as a thanksgiving for her day and that she gets fed some ripe mangoes (she just loves them!).

Fast forward to the happy part in this post -

When I eventually got home,  I made sure that Georgia got to blow her birthday cake (this has become a yearly tradition which I hope we will continue to observe in the years to come). I got her a yummy dog cake  (from the same baker for all of Georgia’s cakes). She is able to eat said cake only during her birthday so that she’ll (hopefully) associate the taste and the cake itself as something that she gets to experience on the most special day of the year (and she really loves it! The other doggies, yes you too Max darling, love it too!).

A couple of pictures below (By the way, this is a long overdue post. Georgia’s birthday was last month.). Sweets, don’t grow up too fast *Sniff*

I love you, Georgia (my little lady)!

P.S. Curious about Georgia’s first and second birthdays?  Yupyup? Then click here and here respectively.



How’s the weekend so far for everyone?

It’s quite warm here and we went for a road trip (I simply love going on said trips). I had a fabulous time visiting some of our properties (I’m not trying to be a snob but I can’t seem to come up with a better term at the moment.)

Yep, I brought my camera along and a sun hat – you know the rest (haha). Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy! :)

There you go (for now). I especially love this particular set – the colors are quite lovely and I am quite grateful to be able to capture them in some form. Nature never ceases to amaze me with it’s profoundness and settle beauty.

I’ll continue on taking pictures – I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did while taking them :)

P.S. I went for a more laid back/casual look. This drive was a last minute one. (Haha. I love jump shots. :) )

P.P.S. I also love good company, salsa music and taking more pictures. (I love the colors in this post! ♥)

Unknown Mami



Do you by any chance have a “chair question” ?

I wanted to do something fun with this post and thus will present a couple of stuff to inspire you (design-wise) and give you some ideas. Any element can change an interior’s atmosphere – for this particular post, the element at hand would be furniture, more specifically chairs.

What sort of flashed in my head was the word “Stereotypes”. We basically define stereotypes as fixed and most of the time oversimplified images of a particular thing or even person. Chairs have their own stereotypes too (i.e. Classical Chairs are to be utilized for formal dining settings, Outdoor chairs are strictly for outdoors, etc). I can go on and on but basically people have this preconceived notion of furniture and their (very very limited) limitations in terms of usage. Most people would base it on the look (ex. They would think that minimal/streamlined furniture are solely for contemporary or modern concepts), or material (ex. They would think that metal furniture would work best solely for a dentist’s office or a factory) – you get the idea.

From my personal design preference and how I do spaces, I don’t like to limit myself nor do I like to limit the possibilities – I like to play around more with design, which is probably why I love art and making art as well.

I got thinking and decided to give you a couple of ideas for the question below.

The answer to said question is a very big YES and since I love you all and I love what I do, I decided to not only answer this question in writing but decided to do so as well by showing you. (Wow, clever. Haha.)

I randomly picked out five, very different (in material, shape, style) chairs – so they sort of represent random stereotypes and will show you how you can incorporate them in five corresponding spaces as well. I created a couple of design concepts that will hopefully inspire you and give you ideas and options for your own chairs and spaces. Enjoy! :)

1. Random Chair No. 1

First up is a Classic Dining Chair with Windsor Arched Seatback and Turned legs (in Whitewood finish). How can you possibly utilize this particular piece besides buying a couple and using them for your dining table you ask?

Well, as a possible option for you , I decided to utilize this chair for either a home office or even a design office. This piece would greatly add a dash of creativity in your work space and it’s not your conventional office chair either. Don’t worry, it has a good back support system and the wood seat would be just as comfy for those long hours (if not, a neutral seat cover can be added).

I usually go for interesting pieces, some good color (this will bring some zest in spite of the work load)  and some good storage of course. Check out how I designed the envisioned space below.

2. Random Chair No. 2

How about a vivid-colored chair in red? Would you love to get a couple of Verner Panton S Chairs? To answer the latter – If they are too expensive for you, a couple of not as expensive alternatives would be the Reno Chair Set by Target. To answer the former – don’t be afraid of strong colored chairs. You can definitely utilize them in any space, trust me.

Verner Panton is one of my favorite designers (I remember sketching his chairs for my furniture design class a couple of years back). His S chairs are classic pieces and are stackable and made out of plastic (a new material then). For the design concept below, I decided to use two of the pieces for a unique breakfast space.

Light and easily moveable, these pieces are not solely limited as accent pieces and are definitely not  just limited for more modern concepts. I decided to do a fun mix and I must say, I’d love to eat breakfast in the interior below.

Those are my first two looks/concepts and I hope I was able to inspire you in some way and was able to provide you with information you can utilize for your own design needs. Interested to see the rest of the spaces I designed utilizing the other three chairs?

If yes, then definitely stay tuned. I’ll post “Part Two” soon. Have a good weekend! :)



Nope, this post doesn’t pertain to grandparents or older people at all. (By the way, my grandfather turned eighty-two today! Cool beans ♥)

Work of art below – a really cool concept which I really really love. It’s by Grandpeople, a Norwegian design studio.

It’s actually a CD cover that they designed for a band called The New Wine and their debut album, Waves. They incorporated a wooden cube as an organic element and added PVC-Film into the mix which was then “peeled off” in the shape of waves. This is a great representation for the band and the evolution in their music.

It would be really cool to use a couple of these cubes for an exhibition display or accent pieces in a room. I’d love a couple in my own room. Haha :)



I thank God for an amazing day and for creating amazing places like the one above so that I can take pictures of them.

I also love going on trips, eating lechon manok (roast chicken with minced garlic, lemon grass, onions, soy sauce, lemon juice), eating strawberry-flavored  fresh milk ice cream, dancing to funky music and being with family.

How was your weekend? ♥

Unknown Mami



Rewind to the day before my birthday. *Rewind/Wind Swooshing/People rotating in a funny way*

I would have posted this. (I apologize for being a weird girl who makes weird/random posts at times. *blush*)

Yup, in a couple of hours I turn a year older (hello there by the way). It seems quite surreal actually that a year has passed already since I wrote a post about last year’s birthday. Just like how I was then and in spite of what my family and I are going through, I am excited for when my birthday comes (Some things never change it seems. Haha.). But then again, I prefer things this way still – birthdays are meant to be celebrated and to be acknowledged. The year that passed had been a very challenging one and it certainly brought about change after change. Let me tell you, change is hard but I am hoping to be able to get through it a stronger and better person.

I do not know what tomorrow awaits for me but it’s alright. I’d still be the luckiest girl alive because I’ll be in the company of those who matter most in this world – and basically, that’s what matters in the scheme of things. Yup, they matter more than presents :)

Here are a couple of pictures from my birthday last year, I’ve been reminiscing.

Lunch with Bernie and Joh

I love this place no matter what. Eating Stroganov makes one a happy birthday girl :) Bernie and I ordered the exact same thing! Haha.

Dinner with  Family

I love eating here too (why is it always about food?). My family is amazing and I got serenaded with a reggae birthday song. Cool beans! Haha. Oh, I ate five sets of crepe and took a picture of only one of the said sets.

Birthday Condiments

I loved my birthday cake last year and Georgia was patient enough to blow the candle with me. I think she smiled! Thanks sweets ♥

Birthdays are amazing. Cheers! ♥



to me

P.S. Yup, I was born today and I had an especially amazing day. Three cheers for my awesome loved ones. Georgia blew her cake as well!

P.P.S. I love the prints above.


Hello Everyone! How I have missed all of you and this darling design journal. My family and I are still fighting an ongoing battle, do pray for my mom (thanks!).

On a more lighter note, its August and I love this month ♥

The Sea Green Journal turned a year old a few days ago (thus I wanted to make this post extra special) and I can hardly believe it. This has been a lot of fun and I do plan to continue on writing and pouring my design thoughts here.

More randomness, here are a couple of things I love (I have a lot actually, stuff that I love I mean) -

Lunch (Something I whipped up, it turned up to be quite tasty actually. Cool beans!) Egg white Omelette with Oregano and Basil, Lean Beef Sausages with Herbs and some fresh English Baby Spinach. Yum! :)

Definitely someone I am grateful for, a really cool friend over the net – Belinda! She was kind enough to do an interview  with me  about what I do (this mention is long overdue), it was a lot of fun. If you wish to check it out, you may do so here.

Yup, it’s the little one. I believe she’ll be in all of my lists (haha) and in lots of my future posts. Its my little Georgia – I love her ♥

P.S. Advanced Happy Birthday, Nikko Biko! :)



How was your Easter?

I am quite thankful that I had a good one – I was able to do some reflection about things and spend time with my family. Here are a couple of pictures that I find are quite cool (and adorable. haha.)  – in the spirit of Easter.

Aside from fluffy bunnies, other stuff that I love about Easter include – 1. Chocolate Eggs from Cadbury (Since I was a kid, I can finish a whole tray of this!), 2. Easter table settings and Easter themed parties, 3. Pastels (you can incorporate these darling colors in your interiors).

Speaking of Easter table settings, I find the setting and design by Wendy of Green Beansie Cards really aweeesssooommme =] A couple of pictures below. Enjoy!

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with the amount of visuals in this post. They are such pretty pictures, I just couldn’t resist ♥

I’ll talk more about my Easter soon. Have a good week!



Definitely a cool way to say happy birthday – do it in french (haha) :)

Now this part (below) will make me teary. (haha)

This surprise post is in honor of my sister, Ate Tatie, as she celebrates her birthday today. I know I have said this often (and I will be saying it a great deal more than often too), but it has been a pleasure and a great honor to be your friend and your sister. I don’t know what I did  to be given such an amazing gift but I am forever thankful to have such amazing sisters (Yup, I’m talking about all three of you. *slurpy kisses* Haha.) and during days such as these, your birthday, I am greatly reminded of how amazing it has been to have known you all these years.

I wish for a lot of things for you – that may you achieve all your dreams (I know you will!), may you touch more lives, may you be given more blessings (all the best that life has to offer), a Siberian tiger (haha, I want one too!), blue roses – a lot of things.

To more memories we will be making, to more food we will stuff our tummies with, to more words (per millisecond) we utter in our conversations, to more adventures, to more years of being sisters. I am proud of you and I love you, my poppet ♥

Cheers mate!

P.S. Since she has a great fondness for Spanish –  “Que cumple muchos años mas!”. This translates to, may you have many more birthdays! (Yup, this post is starting to resemble language lessons. Haha.)

P.P.S. Yes, I love presents very much and I love opening presents…even those that aren’t mine and even when it isn’t my birthday. (Haha)

Thanks for being a sport, dude :)


I got a call awhile back (while I was at the embassy – a different story for a different day) and got invited to head on down to Cebu Bionic to check out their new products. I am more familiar with their other store, Steel + Stone (and love their tiles) which is their high end retail store. They are still undergoing renovations at the moment but I was able to take some pictures and view some of their products (I love going to hardware stores).

Cebu Bionic is a builder supply/hardware store and though I am more acquainted with their architectural finishes (they have european tiles – they carry Bisazza; they also have asian tiles; bathroom fixtures – Toto and American Standard), apparently they also have door and window hardware and building tools.

Big thank you to Vina :) (she is in their marketing, she gave me a tour around and introduced me to everyone; Sir Bernard, their family owns said builder supply, was able to do a quick chat as well) and I will drop by again once everything gets settled. Quite random but I am ogling their shingle roofing options (haha).

P.S. Yup, I just couldn’t resist. (Haha).

A big kiss to everyone and I hope you are having a great weekend

P.S. I attended a really cool design seminar yesterday on sustainable design. I’ll do a post on that soon.

Unknown Mami



Taking pictures of the little one is one of my favorite things to do – I will never get tired of it and I believe Georgia has already gotten used to her mama’s “fondness” for this. (Thank you for being a good sport, Georgy! *kiss*)

The little one is almost turning three (they grow up so fast *tear*). At present, we are almost done with all her annual shots (the last one will be two weeks from now) and she’s just busy living her life (exploring, sniffing, trying to lick random stuff, barking at repairmen who come to the house, naps, etc.)

When I took this shot of her, I had this brilliant idea of us trying out the “getting in touch with nature” option since I figured that I want to be able to let Georgia experience a whole lot of things (thus the grass and the surroundings you see in the picture) but it didn’t turn out to be such a good idea after all. I got a great deal of rashes on my arm and it wasn’t pleasant. So it’ll have to be no to nature for now – at least for mama, Georgia was fine and having the time of her life with nature. (Traitor. Haha. I kid.)

Georgia has given me so much (as a person and basically my life in general) – so much laughter, so much joy, just so much. When you are out battling in the world, it’s good to know that when you do get out of the car at the end of the day, this tiny being with her cute little paws wags her tail for you and gives you a kiss.  *greatest feeling/experience in the world*

Cheers to my bestest friend. I love you, sweets ♥

P.S. Her whiskers/hair was quite wet because we had a couple sips of water prior to mommy’s nature idea. Haha :)



The Queen of Love Armchair by Linvin. I want one. Actually, I want a couple. (Haha) :)

If I have somehow piqued your curiosity about it, this cool armchair which I love is made out of recyclable linear polyethylene – it is thus suitable for both indoors and outdoors (!). I love it for three reasons – 1. The Louis XV style of the design (“An ironic revisiting” as quoted), 2. For a million more reasons which will comprise a paragraph or this entire post itself (haha), 3. For the simple reason that I can’t seem to explain why I love it point-blank. Yes, I am confusing. :)

I like the whimsical aspect it projects and at the same time I like the fact that it can be a really good statement piece for any décor – simply put, it is surprisingly versatile. Surprising in the sense that it does possess intricate detailing and exaggerated contouring. To add more to it’s amazingness, it is seamless, it resists color fading, it is scratch, shock and weather resistant. It’s composition makes it eco-friendly too.

Gah, there’s more?! (Haha)

Yup, it comes in all these fun colors

I know, I know – all those words for just an armchair. I mean it’s not just any armchair – it’s an awweesssomme chair. (Haha.)

As quoted from the designer, “Linvin’s The Love Collection was born from a simple idea, aiming to become a symbol of positive and free way of being. These beautiful designs project you into the future while remembering the past; a prism in which the light goes through and turns into a rainbow of colors, becoming itself the energy that it’s a symbol of LOVE.”

A couple of these babies it is (and Georgia can have one too if they have a baby version – how cute!). I rest my case :)

Now, back to my essay. Eep.



As quoted from the CFIF (Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc.), “Responsible for over 60% of the Philippine exports, Cebu is recognized as the furniture capital of the Philippines.  To date, the Philippine furniture export industry, with Cebu as its biggest contributor, ranks among the top ten import source countries of the USA. A big 70%  of the total furniture products of the country are exported to the US, and the remaining 30% distributed to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.”

I have always taken great pride in the amazing designers we have here in Cebu – I get inspired by how they have gravitated towards pushing the envelope in design limitations and the innovations they constantly come up with. Being in the interior design field, I had always been exposed to this even when I was still a student in university and my fascination hasn’t wavered even up to now.

Cebu designers and manufacturers make use of indigenous materials such as arorog and butay (coconut twig), rattan, bamboo, sea grass, abaca (manila hemp), tree bark and even termite mounds – I’m telling you, it’s amazing! :)

A good example of a furniture company – I was able to drop by for a visit to Murillo’s showroom (they have a really cool one) not too long ago. I have always found a liking to their pieces and I love (the opportunity of ) being able to drop by different Cebuano furniture showrooms – I could spend the entire day just ogling their pieces. (True story. Haha.)

Looks cool doesn’t it? :)

Quick Details about Murillo’s Export International –

1. They define their brand as – “Innovative ways of interpreting tradition”. This company is engaged in design and manufacture of high quality furniture and accessories.

2. Murillo furniture, accessories and art works are hand made inside their factory in Cebu, Philippines.

3. They utilize rattan, wicker, leather, iron, aluminum, wood, abaca, sea grass and other natural materials mixed with man-made ones. They like to play around with subtle contrasts on colors and textures and they lean on clean fluid lines and excellent details.

They were nice enough (and super cool!) to lend us some of their pieces and they have really good service. (Big thanks to Sir Allan Murillo and Lorelyn!)

I will definitely post more about other furniture designers here in Cebu in the future and a big kudos to the Cebu and Philippine Furniture Industry! Let us all show our support :)

Unknown Mami



The last time I got full bangs like this was when I was really small (probably around like six years old) so it’s definitely something new. Yes mister, it is.

It might seem silly or mundane to some, (Come on, Pau. Just bangs, dude. Just bangs.) but this new “blanket for my forehead” definitely empowers me in a sense. It’s not just the fluff of hair per se, it’s the thought behind it – the thought of you embracing something new, a change and finding that even something as simple as getting bangs can turn things around (may it be just your day or your week).

I definitely look more  and more like Georgia every single day. Haha. :)

It’s not a bad thing actually – Georgia is gorgeous ♥

What do you think? (I think it turned out alright.)

P.S. Now, let me see if they have essay-making powers too. Hahaha. :)



Just two things for this post:

1. Here are a couple more pictures (above) from the shoot I did.  I hope you like them. Georgia looks so cute ♥  (Quick add – Wow, it’s April already!)

2. I am contemplating on a lot of things as of late and I can relate greatly to the following -

“To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places — and there are so many — where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.

And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

- Howard Zinn

“I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

- Alice in Wonderland



Georgia and Mummy time ♥

Bohemian (Definition)

1. a native or inhabitant of Bohemia
- Nope, this doesn’t apply to me.

2. a person who has informal or unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer.
– Nope, this doesn’t apply to me or perhaps it does a little. So I guess I fit in this definition in a certain sense.

I have always been fascinated by gypsies and the bohemian culture. I mean I will never ever lose that fascination – I remember wearing loose curls in college (on certain days), being into woven flipflops with intricate beading, being into flowy skirts and big printed totes and donning a great deal of woven bangles. People might view me (and know me) as starchy/prim in manner . I am for the most part, I follow rules and I take tasks seriously (Yup, totally not a free spirit there. Haha.)

I love the character in all things bohemian and the carefree-ness it represents and though I might not dress the way I used to (I haven’t worn flipflops or curls or skirts) but I still have the penchant for it and there are still days when I go for it. I may dress up seriously now as a professional but I still inject bits of this fondness – will never get tired of loosy tunics, printed/flower polos, beanies, maxis and gypsy dresses.

It kind of reminds me of interior design as well. It is a discipline that focuses on the arts so it can also lean on the unconventional, the artsy-fartsy and being just out there but at the same time it is also starchy in the sense that it is also a science, you have the accuracy to observe when making technical drawings, in doing measurements, etc.

Paula = Interior Design :) (Haha.)

On a different (but still cheery) note, yesterday was a very good day. It was a day for amazing blessings in our family (I got an amazing blessing and so did Ate Tatie). I will talk about it once things are already more concrete and definite but for now (All your prayers will be much appreciated), I am over the moon and am very grateful to God.

The picture above is one of the outtakes for a self-portrait shoot I did a day (or two) ago. I love it very much because it was fun and Georgia is in it. My little sweetheart was giving me a big kiss. Haha. So incredibly adorable! ♥

I hope you like it and I will be posting the rest over the weekend (Time goes by so fast lately. It’s almost the weekend and its already April tomorrow too! Shocker. Haha.)

Note: Wow, how did this post get so lengthy? Am I that chatty? *blush* (Haha.)

P.S. My good friend, Vane, had her birthday a few days ago and she said that it was happy/crappy. A big shout out to her (and I hope this makes her smile) :) I won’t post her childhood picture here because she might (hurt)me. Haha. Advanced Happy Birthday to Nikki as well :)

P.P.S. If you are new to this design journal, some shameless plugging here, here and here. (Haha.)



I love going over the results of interior design awards. The winning designs/interiors and the designers themselves are very inspiring. I enjoy going over the creative outputs that they come up with and I learn a great deal from them too!

Big congratulations to this year’s IIDA Interior Design Competition winners. (IIDA stands for International Interior Design Association and this year’s competition is their 38th.)

To quote Sara Robertson (in her More Than Meets the Eye article), “Interior design competitions are far more than mere beauty pageants – they involve a complex system of entry and judgement and lead to much more than an award in name for all those involved.”

I agree with her statement that there’s no refuting that interior design is a visual profession BUT that it is not just limited to that. Aesthetics are considered (surely) but what they focus more is the idea being presented and the quality of it’s execution. It is a learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the winning entries. Enjoy!

Project Title: One Shelley Street
Project Location: Sydney, Australia
Firm: Clive Wilkinson Architects, West Hollywood, CA

Project Title: Nokia
Project Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Firm: Gensler, San Francisco, CA

Project Title: Bar Agricole
Project Location: San Francisco, CA
Firm: Aidlin Darling Design, San Francisco, CA

Those are just three of the six award winners. The Best of Competition winner will be announced in June. Mehrdad Yazdani, the Principal Interior Designer of  Los Angeles-based Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design and a winner of the IIDA’s 36th Annual Competition, says that  one has to be “simple,  powerful and concise for a judge who only has a few minutes to grasp your project.” Submissions have to be as effective as possible and it should be conveyed a strong manner.

To inspire you, I end this post by quoting D.B. Kim (an independent designer in New York and has judged several competitions) – “It’s not just about mimicries of the trends. The competition is all about the details – I’m looking at the future.”

P.S. I am also including a picture of a dish I have great affection for particularly (I mean I love food a great deal ♥ Haha.). I am most certainly a risotto girl and the one below is a really good one – it was creamy and had just the right consistency (the mushrooms were juicy and flavorful as well). A very good meal for a busy day :)

Sprinkle a bit of pepper and introduce to your tastebuds. Yum

P.P.S. Before March officially comes to an end, I just wanted to say that The Sea Green Journal is already seven months old. Yey! To the upcoming months and more posts – cheers! :)



There is no typical day for an interior designer (you learn something new or get exposed to something different every single day). Yes, you will deal with the “usual” –  floor plans, technical drawings, furniture, sourcing and they might seem to be the same thing over and over again for some people but they don’t for me (for the most part). I am still venturing out and I believe I still have a lot to learn and discover out there – but I find it very exciting and its something I look forward to constantly. (Yes, I am weird.)

This day is something I would like to share because it’s a sample of how my day, as an interior designer, is like (to a certain extent). It’s fun and I love it (In spite of extreme heat exposure at times, the dust – Ok, I’ll stop. Haha.)

We decided to get something to eat first (and continue our discussion on the things we needed to get done), we initially thought this would be a more laid back day. I didn’t want something that resembled breakfast during this particular breakfast (I have those days). I had the adobo flakes/adobo rice (Adobo is a popular dish in the Philippine cuisine. You basically marinate and cook meat in a sauce of vinegar, garlic and soy sauce and then simmer it said sauce after. Yup, this is typically yummy.) The one I had was alright after some doctoring, I added pepper (I put pepper in everything these days. Haha.) and some sauce. I also had a glass of their frozen lemonade.

We stopped by to inspect and check on the paneling and bookcase – to check on how they are turning out and discuss painting stuff. They turned out quite nicely. I fell in love with the furniture and the shop – their wood was beautiful period and were also beautifully made. They had really cool pieces that I wanted to get for myself (Haha) – the chairs above are good examples. I love furniture shops (and not just showrooms but the actual shop where pieces are made and you see saw dust and hear tools whizzing).

We went to two different plant/landscaping centers to check out the plants they have and decide on which ones we will need. It was quite hot and a bit muddy but amazing nevertheless. There were some really pretty ones and it’s amazing to see so much green in just one setting. We dropped by a home building center before this to look for some paint and check on some lighting fixtures.

We decided to take a short break at some point and went to this cool cafe for lunch. I will never get tired of this particular dish at all. I love food breaks – I always look forward to it (haha). Energized and well regrouped (we made calls to coordinate with deliveries and specifications), we continued on to our day and tasks.

This picture was taken for my friend, Pongee (haha). By this time, we had already dropped by three fabric stores and another hardware store to look for the ever elusive paint color we wanted (they didn’t have it) and thus we had to drive to two more different hardware stores after this.

By the end of the day – I was tired, looked like a wilted flower and in pain. (Ok, that was an exaggeration. Haha. Or not.) For fortunate days such as this, I am very grateful. Keep them coming.

P.S. Georgia news – her right eyelid is slightly swollen and I am freaking out (or was freaking out). Most likely an insect bite, worrying that she might be uncomfortable and dealing with the unknown made me quite teary. I gave her a bath right way (a couple of hours before this post was up) and used some of her skin treatment shampoo on the affected area in the hopes that it will relieve the spot. Georgia doesn’t look uncomfortable thankfully and has slept right after her bath which has calmed me a bit already. Off to the vet as soon as possible and here are a couple of pictures of her after said unplanned bath time.

I love you, little Georgia ♥

P.P.S. If you have time on your hands and would like to read something design-related/design project – Click here, here and here (in said order please). Haha. Thanks!

Have a good week ahead, everyone! :)

Unknown Mami



“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”

- Bob Moawad

” Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are – completely; the good and the bad – and make changes as YOU see fit – not because you think someone else wants you to be different.”

- Stacey Charter



I love tea ♥

This is the last part of my “Launch and Gallery” post/series (Reader – Thank God!, Pau – *sad face* Haha). This post will feature more pictures design-wise and just show bits and pieces of the exhibit. We officially ended today in terms of egress and it was a good one(both the egress and the exhibit). Feel free to go over the pictures below. Enjoy!

Have a good week, everybody! :)

P.S. Yup, that about sums it up (haha) – they left me alone with my camera. If you wish to check out part 1 of the Launch and Gallery, you may do so here. Curious about how this came together and would like to view some behind the scenes snippets, do a clicky here.

P.P.S. I had to get a souvenir shot. (Come on, dude. Haha.)



A new twist – we have heard about this before or have seen in a movie or perhaps have experienced it or are experiencing it at the moment. I basically associate “new twists” as something fresh to bring to the table, something different to fuel up your creativity or something that makes things simply interesting.

It could be something as simple as a new ingredient in your usual ice cream order (Chocolate chili ice cream?) for example or even a little umbrella or some watermelon flavored ice cubes in your lemonade (What am I saying exactly? Haha). As always, this is not just limited to drinks or movie plots but it does materialize (a lot of times) in the design world – may it be the use of new material for a lighting fixture or a different interpretation of design styles.

Here are a couple of kids (to preteens) rooms (and kids furniture) that I love at the moment and are good examples.

Look A

Look B

A play on kids rooms and furniture has happening for some time now (awhile now actually) and I have taken a liking for the ones above because of their baroque feel – I love all things baroque! (Haha) :)

This particular line was a collaboration of Di Liddo & Perego with Naj-Oleari for the latter’s 2009 Spring-Summer Collection. They wanted something young, fresh and extremely colorful. I love the romanticism feel that the line exudes and wouldn’t mind having a few of these pieces in my own room (they are quite pretty!).

P.S. I have been experiencing “new twists” of my own at present and it can be scary when you have no control over the outcome/s but it’s alright. I try to take things in stride and do what is best for the situation. Wish me luck!

P.P.S. Georgia’s new twist at the moment – sipping/licking fresh fruit juice (we put fresh fruit in the juicer) from her green bowl and I have to say she likes it and she looks really cute! (Haha).



I’ve been up for a few hours now (Good Morning!) and let me tell you that it’s still quite early (and I’m not even a grandparent yet! I kid. Haha.)

The little one (Georgia) is awake now as well – I just hand fed her, gave her some vitamins and some water.  She just needs to do her morning poop and weewee before we are good to go (I apologize for even discussing this. I guess it’s still too early for my brain to work. Haha). Basically she’s settled and good which is great since I have an appointment in a few hours and this will be a crazy (good crazy and busy) day for me so I want her to be comfortable while I’m gone for the day.

Back to business/ serious mode on

This post will include snippets about how the design concept for the gallery exhibit took shape. Let’s get into everything. I sort of did an outline so that it’ll be more comprehensive. Enjoy!

Design Concept Options

Here are a couple of options that we initially came up with. You will get a clear picture of how the design played out and evolved.

We provided two color options for our own consideration – You can see the effect of color and how it projects a certain feel/atmosphere (For this particular example, it’s settle but it’s there.)

These are more recent revisions made by taking certain aspects into consideration (ex. availability of resources, budget, art center management requirements, what would really work for the space and it’s intended use, etc.)

Prior to Ingress

While securing everything and making sure all the necessary  parts comes together (amazingly of course – we had our fingers crossed). This involved lots of long hours, meetings, sun/the elements/heat exposure, meal deprivation, coordination, etc. We also had to work with the management and the hours the mall keeps – this translates to paint works being done after mall hours (think 9 pm to beyond 2 am and a few more hours for drying) and installations done before mall hours (think 6 am to before 10 am).

When working on things like these (or being in this profession in general), you (have to) expect that a lot of things will definitely go wrong (it might even be frustrating to a certain extent) before it’ll be alright.  Things will definitely go wrong – only cream benches are available at the last minute instead of the black ones you requested and one of those is at a  really far away branch, wines weren’t coordinated properly with catering, lighting fixtures aren’t available,  no delivery truck for the freestanding lamp, lettering in the wrong color, you have to pick up platforms and be back in time to see to another delivery (this time for the console table, the plants, etc.) – I can go on (haha) but we’ll end there for now. You just have to take things in stride, squeeze in a meal  at some point and focus on what can be done – on how problems can be solved.

Exhibit Floor Plan

Painting customized wall panel installations in the shop with brushes on hand (Original Artwork by Paula and Bernie – haha.) This was definitely messy – paint in your hair, everywhere (but a fun stress reliever). I am very proud of how the wall paneling turned out, they are definitely awwesssooommee *surfer dude accent* (Haha) :)

After sixteen hours – you can definitely do some smiling already because things are starting to come together quite nicely. Haha.

Above all, this is an entirely amazing profession and the exhibit was great. I felt a sense of fulfillment watching the gallery (and your design concepts in general)  take shape and seeing the potential of the space being brought out and executed – interior design and all it entails amazes me still and I think it always will. It is possibly the nearest thing to giving birth we suppose (for Bernie and myself that is. Haha). I am also very grateful to everyone who helped out one way or another. Thank you!

If you wish to see pictures of the launching and exhibit (part one), you can find it here. If you have time, do drop by for a visit. The exhibit runs until today. Cheers!



It has been a few days now since a massive earthquake (said to be the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded in its history, according to Experts) shook Japan. The tsunami that followed thereafter and the recent situation with Fukushima’s nuclear power plant caused further devastation. It greatly saddens me when disasters such as these happen because it leaves great grief in its wake – Japan casualties’ death toll is expected to exceed ten thousand, thousands are still missing, and a lot of people are left without access to food, shelter, water and clothes.

I don’t want this post to be a sad one but I just want people to be aware that we should try to help out and show these people that we care and we are willing to offer our assistance. It makes me happy to know that Japan remains strong and being the advanced country that they are, they’ll be able to get up and stand once again. An update I read yesterday shows just that and its great. We should all learn from it – may we be victims of the calamities or not.

There are a lot of organizations out there who are simply amazing and are doing something to help out – they are asking for donations and help. I know that some of you may already be aware of such organizations and some may have even donated already (kudos to you!) but to give you an idea still of some of these organizations, you may refer to this article and this one as well for other simple ways to show your support. Feel free to constantly update on other organizations that are accepting donations at present.

Let us help Japan out and may this  also remind us to not take anything for granted – may it be our own lives, our loved ones or even the simplest things such as being able to enjoy some hot soup. or being able to sleep in our own beds at night.  Please offer your prayers as well – this will go a very long way.



Looking at pretty prints cheers me up and I love them a great deal. I love incorporating them in interiors and even in my wardrobe. When I work on interior spaces or concepts, it doesn’t feel complete at all (in my opinion) when I don’t incorporate prints and I can’t seem to resist including prints in the dynamics of things (haha). I also love incorporating prints in my wardrobe – I can’t resist prints on my bags or in dresses or tops.

A couple of prints I am loving at the moment (or perhaps for some time now) are by print designer and illustrator, Brie Harrison. I find her prints to be quite pretty and I have a couple of them below.

Oui, j’aime les fraises (Yes, I like strawberries)! Its a new phrase I learned in french. Cool!

On a side note, I will definitely be posting all sorts of prints in this journal in future entries – I love them immensely.

P.S. Last night’s meeting was great and quite productive. I am very excited for the projects we have for this year. Yey for interior design! :)

P.P.S. Part 2 of Launch and Gallery will be posted tomorrow (hopefully). For those who weren’t able to check out part 1, you can do so here. You can also simply scroll down to the previous entry. Haha. (Its just that I love putting links and such. Humor me.)



I love doing gallery/exhibit design. :)

In my previous post, I mentioned an exhibit that we are having at the moment (it’s still ongoing) and I’m providing details (and pictures) in this post and the upcoming posts as well. Bernie (another interior designer and a good friend) and I are the gallery design and launching coordinators. We were basically swamped (we did the interior design for the gallery, sourcing, customized paneling which we painted ourselves, etc. – basically everything down to the execution) and this does take a good amount of preparation, people. It was a lot of fun though. (haha. it’s true!)

Cocktails Night

To formally launch the gallery, we had cocktails night which included the ribbon cutting ceremony and blessing and a formal program. Have fun viewing the pictures below.

If you have time, do drop by for a visit. The exhibit/gallery is at SM Cebu’s Art Center from the 6th of March until the 19th (don’t forget to sign the guestbook).

Please stay tuned for part two! I’ll discuss design details and feature some behind the scenes insight. Rock mode (translation: stay put please).

P.S. A couple of pictures with me in them (i.e. work mode and cocktail night pretty mode. haha.). Balancing – there is a certain art to it.

Note: Bernie and I have been working on ingress for 16 hours already when this picture was taken. We don’t look too shabby if I may say so myself. (haha)

P.P.S. Our launch advertisement in the local paper.



I (have been and) am loving Tortie Hoare’s furniture pieces. I love the fact that her pieces are handmade and that she takes a lot of effort to research ways on how to create her pieces (and their structures) in an environmentally conscious manner.

Dubbed as Designer of the Year 2010 by New Designers, her motivation in coming up with her furniture pieces is something she considers as simple. It’s all about being ergonomic, durable and being aesthetically pleasing.

I love natural furniture that focuses on the materials and acknowledging that form of beauty. Here are a couple of her pieces (below) that I am in love with in particular.

Butterfly Chair

Dimensions – 0.76 x 0.78 x 0.50 meters

The said chair is made out of aero ply (a quick definition – made from three thin layers of birch and is only one mm thick when bonded together; was designed to be used on aeroplane wings as it can be curved so effectively), hessian (a quick definition – a strong, coarse fabric made from jute) and resin (a quick definition – a solid or liquid polymer used as a basis of plastics, adhesives and other related products).

The main traits that the designer wanted to express through the design was “fun, environmentally conscious and intelligent design which is educational”.


Dimensions – 0.61 x 0.38 x 0.43 meters

This furniture piece wasn’t named as specifically as the piece above (I can’t be sure what its name is but its simply cool). It is made out of oak and boiled leather – I love the “natural” feel it exudes. It is said to be extremely comfortable and is quite light and versatile. It comes in a limited edition of 30.

Can I have both pieces please? I love the uniqueness of the first piece and the print. I love the leather craftsmanship of the second one.

P.S. I am reading a good book. I’m thinking about drinking some tea at the moment. I have yet to confirm if we have the lounge chairs (in mustard – color) that we want for the gallery. I am quite random and I am a bit under the weather (i.e. snot and feeling a bit feverish). But it’s alright.

P.P.S. Does the sneezing count as exercise? Haha. I kid. :)



Yup, I always take pictures of pretty flowers. I love them.

Belated Happy Valentines day! Yup, quite a late greeting (Haha). Pictures from the other week (below). Bernie and I went sourcing for the gallery launching which will be in a few more weeks. We have been attending to a lot of things for the said event (coordinating with installations, choosing and looking for pieces, taking measurements, brainstorming, etc.).

But I love it – I love my profession and the complexities it entails. I hope I get to do more and explore (said profession) further in the years to come. Cheers.

P.S. We also look forward to lunch time (sounds like school. Haha) and enjoy eating good food. Yey! With regards to the food below (in case you are curious), the shrimp was amazing. I loved my peppered steak (Yup, I love chips a great deal) and Bernie said her cream dory was good too.

P.P.S. Even though it’s that time of the month, try to persist and don’t let said predicament hinder you. Quick Tip: Brush your hair and wear a pretty dress (and some color) and you’ll be set. At least that’s how I did it. Haha.

I hope we all have a good and productive week!



Before I begin talking more about certain things for this post, I want to share something really important. My dad hasn’t been feeling well (he doesn’t show it) and this greatly concerns me (it makes me teary actually :() – I hope that it’s nothing serious. I would really appreciate it if you can include him in your prayers. Thank you very much! *Hug*

Faith is indeed an amazing thing – it makes us go beyond what is mundane, it makes us go on believing. I have faith that my dad will be alright. I am juggling things at the moment and I am working on something for my future (it’s something big actually), I have no control over how it will turn out but I do have faith that it will be alright.

This thing called faith presents itself to anyone and everyone (whatever age, size, race), at any given time (tomorrow or even today) and in different forms (may it be while your on your way to lunch or while you are munching on your cereal). It is (also) indeed overwhelming (in a very good way) when I see it in other people or when I experience it with other people.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Sinulog here in Cebu. For those who aren’t familiar with this event, it is a yearly mardi gras (usually the second sunday of January) in Cebu (it is one of the grandest festivals in the Philippines) greatly celebrated to honor Señor Sto. Niño, the child Jesus. People from all over the Philippines and a great deal of tourists make it a point to come here for this celebration (flights and accommodations are fully booked by december more or less). The streets are usually packed and people forego using their cars and basically just walk on the streets – dancing to the beat, watching the floats and various participants in brightly colored costumes dancing in the parade or simply enjoying some munchies being sold by vendors lined up on the street. I’ll stop explaining for now and show you some pictures instead.

If you think this is amazing (because it really is!), I just want you to know that this isn’t even the main Sinulog event yet. People go to mass as early as 4;30 in the morning for nine days leading up to the Sinulog proper.

Face Painting

We at PIID Cebu (the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers – Cebu) are starting to make it a yearly thing to hold a face painting booth during Sinulog as a fundraiser. I am still getting used to painting stuff on people (especially on their faces! haha) but it is indeed fun and it doesn’t hurt to get a hug from cute little kiddies who get their faces painted with pandas. :)

Here I am! (By the way, the butterfly Polaris’ painted above was super pretty.)

Sinulog Participants

More than 20 contingents (and their participants) from all over the Philippines (Lanao del Sur, Cagayan de Oro, etc.)  join in this yearly celebration of devotion – rain or shine (it was raining a great deal this year and everyone got soaked), they continue on dancing and we continue on cheering for them and joining in. (Little trivia – I’ve been going to this since I was a kid.)

With regards to the third and fourth picture in this set, the Cebu Contingent (being the host) was paying tribute to how the Chinese have greatly influenced our culture (when they came to live here many years ago, prior to the colonization of countries such as Spain and the United States). The fireworks was amazing this year!

In general, I took a gazillion (gazillion pictures) during the Sinulog but limited the pictures to be displayed in this post. I look forward to many more Sinulog celebrations to come (this celebration never fails to overwhelm me)! Pit Señor!

Have faith everyone – may it be in the smallest things and more importantly in yourself (and all your endeavours – I have faith in mine, more specifically the academic one at present. Please pray for me on this as well. Thanks!).

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

P.S. On a side note (since I was craving the night before and it was really late already), I made some mashed potatoes earlier today – I mashed away because I usually like this done smooth and a bit creamy. I added a couple of herbs, a hint of garlic and some beef broth in mine. Yummmm! I love black pepper too! I sprinkle in on most of the stuff I eat. Haha. :)

P.P.S. Here are a couple of links. If I have, by some way, made you more curious about Sinulog, you may get more information about it here. If you wish to experience Sinulog with us, do drop by! The website above contains details on how to go about it. If you wish to check out my very first post for this year, click here. If you wish to know about the color of the year for 2011, click here.

Unknown Mami



I had planned on doing a trends post for this year (in terms of interior design), I have yet to finalize that. Speaking of trends, Pantone had released their Color of the Year (for 2011) late last year (December) and I think most of you know what it is. For those who don’t know yet, it’s Honeysuckle.

Pantone describes it as a courageous, confident and vital color – “a brave new color, for a brave new world.” Last year’s   color, Turquoise (Pantone 15-5519) represented a comforting escape and serenity. This year’s color inspires us to face everyday head on.

As described, it  (Pantone 18-2120) is a dynamic reddish pink hue which is both encouraging and uplifting. Leatrice Eiseman (the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute) explains that Honeysuckle allures and engages. It “may also bring a wave of nostalgia for its associated delicious scent reminiscent of the carefree days of spring and summer.”

If you wish to incorporate this hue in your homes (or in other interiors) this year, don’t fret. The dynamic aspect of Honeysuckle (it is such a pretty color!) doesn’t make it a difficult color to work with. It can be incorporated gradually by starting off with certain pieces. It can be integrated in your  dining room and even in your kitchen (Little Trivia – Honeysuckle is an appetite and conversation stimulant, perfect for your dining area). You can carry out the hue through certain key pieces – examples include linens, candles and even glassware. By the way, you can refer to the mood board I made below (featuring honeysuckle-hued pieces to give you some ideas). I love making mood boards! :)

For those who aren’t afraid to utilize this hue on a much bigger scale, you may do so by using this on your walls (as an accent color wall or even for your entry way) or by incorporating it on bigger pieces of furniture (such as armchairs or even couches). It can also be incorporated in areas which need an upbeat touch (this can be used in a small powder room or a little girl’s room). For visual examples, check out a couple of interiors below.

You may go all out with this hue (please refer to first picture) or if you wish to go with a more gradual approach, you may use it as an accent color for that certain punch of color in your spaces (please refer to the second and third picture, beautifully executed by Betty Murdock Interiors).

I encourage all of you to play around with this color and consider incorporating it in your spaces this year. I hope it will “instill confidence, courage and spirit (within you) to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life”.

P.S. You can incorporate it in your wardrobe too!

P.P.S. Do check out my very first post for this year. Click here. Thanks!



I am now a proper Godmother (english accent). Yup, its officially (for a few days now actually). You might all wonder why it’s such a big deal for me. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?

Before delving more into that, I want to wish everyone a happy new year (let’s pretend that it’s still the first week of january with regards to the prior statement). What better way to do that than to post a couple of pictures from new year’s eve, I say. (We have fireworks every year and it’s amazing. I advocate safety when dealing with fireworks and being responsible.)

I just took a couple of shots since I was busy watching the fireworks, making sure that Georgia was ok and basically just having fun. I love how these shots turned out.

Back to being a Godmother – I just thought that my first ever post for this year should commemorate something meaningful and I believe that welcoming and celebrating new life is the perfect way to go about it. I unfortunately do not have pictures during the baptism ceremony since I wanted to focus more on godmother duties and just take pictures during the after part (they had a photographer on hand which is a plus – I’ll get pictures from him).

I had to take pictures of little Andi’s cakes – they were really pretty!

With the little one (Yup, this is her. Meet the little darling.)

Can I keep her? Please? (Welcome to the world, little Andi! You are Mommy Pau’s little darling. Aside from Georgia of course. Teehee.) Congrats Mommy Shaki and Daddy Nico!

“A child is the greatest gift that our lives can bestow, it brings the most exquisite joy that we will ever know.”

P.S. On an interior design-related note, here are a couple of pictures from the Hafele Presentation and the Green Architecture forum with Archt. Miguel Guerrero as one of the speakers.

Häfele Presentation

This featured the debut of their state-of-the-art kitchen systems as well as a background on the company. For those who aren’t familiar with Häfele, it was established in Germany and evolved from a local hardware business into a global company. Häfele Philippines was formally founded in 1995 and Cebu got its own sales office with a smaller warehouse in Mandaue City.

Not only do they provide architectural hardware and furniture fittings but they also have home appliances (with constant innovations).  I developed an affinity for their sophisticated coffee center – it produces creamy milk foam and can make coffee, espresso, latte and even cappuccino! (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture of the coffee center but I do have a couple of shots of the fittings – below.)

Green Architecture Forum

The forum started out with a talk from Dr. Glen Martin Green (he has a degree in petroleum engineering and a Ph. D. in Earth and Planetary Science from the United States). I especially found his talk to be one of the most comprehensive ones I have been to (to date) and it was certainly insightful. One aspect of his talk was about the Peak Oil Crisis which is still widely unknown to most of us. He basically defined it as “the point in time when a region’s oil production is at it’s maximum, when production reaches its all time high and then begins a relentless and irreversible decline as depletion progresses”.

Archt. Miguel C. Guerrero III, fuap, APEC architect, assocAIA, Green AP was also one of the guest speakers for the said forum. He is a member of  Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines, Inc. – they promote the practice of green architecture in the built environment. He discussed his ten steps to sustainability. A quick rundown – 1. Keep the sun out, 2. Let light in, 3. Catch some breeze, 4. Insulate roofing, 5. Harvest rain, 6. Recycle wastewater, 7. Efficient lighting, 8. Thermal comfort, 9. Renewable materials, 10. Alternative energy.

P.P.S. Upcoming Post Teaser

Here is to a promising 2011, Everyone! Cheers! :)



Hello. I miss writing in this journal and I miss all of you.

Yes, I have been back in Cebu for awhile now and the year has already come to an end. I am grateful because the last few months have been good for me and I had learned a lot. December was awesome and though it sort of just came in passing through this entry, a lot has been going on and I have been working on some stuff as well (perhaps I’ll expound on this someday but for now, I don’t want to jinx it). This entry will just be sort of an update but its more of a snippet update – if there is such a thing. Haha.

By the way, I hope your december was amazing – mine was simply awesssooommmeee. Haha. The Sea Green Journal is already four months old and it has been amazing so far. On to the next month and beyond. Woohoo!

Some of the stuff that I had done so far included – participating in the crossing bridges event. We had the chance to take pictures and spend time with photographers and photography enthusiasts from other neighboring countries (such as Singapore and Malaysia, even Africa!). We walked and went to the seedy (I seem to like that word – seedy) downtown area, took pictures and learned from each other. Check out a few of my pictures from the event below.

I was able to attend a seminar on green architecture and sustainable construction (the speakers were very insightful – they discussed the potential of the Philippines to come up with sustainable resources, the present state of our environment and the economy and even how to practice green architecture in the simplest ways). I was able to drop by the Hafele presentation as well (I’ll try to look for the pictures). Their products are certainly “technology forward” and the designs are streamlined.

I’ll delve on those serious topics next time. For now, I leave you with some pictures from my special december. (big smiles, heart bursting with love)

I spent the holidays with the people that I love dearly. I am thankful to have them – Mr. Wonderful, Georgia and my lovely family. I certainly couldn’t ask for anything more. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year. Happy New Year Everyone! :)

Before I go, the bestest present that Santa and God could ever give me (aside from family and friends) – Mr. Wonderful and the time we were given (though how limited it was). No complaints, it was magical.

“True love stories never have endings.”

- Richard Bach


” The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.”

- Robert Cushing

” There is no use trying, said Alice. One can’t believe impossible things. I dare say you haven’t had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

- Lewis Carroll

Note to self –

1. Jump in.

2. Six impossible things before breakfast.



Hello Everyone! :)

November has been good to me so far (and for that I am very grateful). I haven’t updated as much but I will post more articles soon. The main stuff that have happened so far/things that are occupying my time – 1. I attended a design workshop the other day and it was so much fun! I love anything design-related and attending workshops, 2. I have also been eating a lot of food during this vacation/trip (but this is a normal occurence for me I think. haha), 3. I have been checking out a lot of places and am traveling (Yey! Spending time with Ate Tatie as well. Double yey! haha). By the way,  I took pictures of the stuff I have been eating (I’ll slowly post them) and I try to squeeze in as much work (that are due more or less when I get back to the Philippines) as I can in between. I miss Georgia a great deal (I hugged a beautiful golden retriever the other day – because I have Georgia withdrawal and I do love dogs as well).

Yey! The Sea Green Journal is already three months old!

I have a lot of work to do and I hope I can indeed strike a good balance. Another good news is that The Sea Green Journal is already three months old! Yey! :) I am having so much fun with this design journal and I hope you are too. Thank you for dropping by and I do hope you come visit often!

Have a good November everyone! :)

P.S. I took a gazillion pictures and I have a lot that I need to post (pending). Hopefully I’ll be able to organize and process them and gradually post everything. Just a few bits for this month (in the mean time). Do check out the “snippets” below.

I love dumplings! Whenever I eat at a cafe or a restaurant, I try out their dumplings (if they offer some in their menu of course). These big and juicy ones from Ariake was just so-so. But they dumplings nevertheless. Thus, I love them still! (haha) :)

Here I am. This portrait was taken near the Marina area.



How did Halloween start exactly? This once a year festivity which involves dressing up (as ghouls, witches, etc.), eating toffee apples, going trick-or-treating is definitely interesting and a bit scary if I may say so (haha).

In the Philippines, Halloween is not widely celebrated. The main focus there is to go to cemeteries and pay our departed loved ones a visit. In the recent years however, halloween costume parties there are growing in numbers.

In whatever way we celebrate it, we do have one thing in common – the scary aspect (horror documentaries and all things bloody). This year’s Halloween for me is different but fun as well :)

History (A quick Background Overview; an excerpt from Ken C. Erickson and Patricia Sunderland’s Article)

Halloween is a very popular annual celebration infused with it’s own set of recognizable symbols, stories and rituals. In 731 A.D., November 1 was declared All Saints’ Day (All Hallows Day). October 31 thus became All Hallows Eve, in time shortened to “Halloween.” Even with the encouragement of activities such as masquerading pageants of saints and the further, complicating step of adding Nov. 2 as All Souls Day to the church calendar after the year 1000, some “non-Christian” elements survive in Halloween.

The quintessential symbols of Halloween fall into three major categories. Symbols of death include graveyards, ghosts, skeletons, haunted houses. Symbols of evil and misfortune are witches, goblins, black cats. Symbols of harvest are pumpkins, scarecrows, corn shocks and candy corn.

The first two categories tap deep, irresolvable, pan-human dilemmas. Ways of dealing with and symbolizing death and evil are represented in some of the earliest archaeological remains of human ritual activity. One traditional means of facing the reality of death is to view it as a transition and to continue a relationship with the dead.

Scary Pictures (Please be warned that these set of pictures are bloody and might make you squeamish, they make my insides flinch too! They were pretty scary! These were taken during a recent event to gather zombies and the like for Michael Jackson’s Thriller commemoration.)

Yup, I look like a retard but it’s all good. (Haha :) )

Trick or treating and Cupcakes (I didn’t participate in the trick or treat part per se. Ate Tatie and I were part of the “control group” for the kiddies. Yup, we are a couple of muscular girls. Haha. The cupcake contest was super fun as well – I love cupcakes. Ate Tatie and my cupcake won as well! It was sheer genius – the cupcake! :) )

This is Imee’s cupcake.

The entries.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have fun and be safe :)

Unknown Mami

P.S. Here I am! By the way, I didn’t eat some of the loot (candies) since I had a sore throat. But that is definitely not a reason to not put a smile on one’s face. :)

P.P.S. Good luck, Mr. Wonderful! You’ll do great :)


(Photo Credits – Paula Cañete)


Yesterday was a good day. I even reckon it was a great day. :)

It didn’t particularly start off like it was gonna be something that would conjure significant memories but it slowly made its transition. I wasn’t able to wake up really early and by the time we did leave, it was raining and the day had a gloomy feel about it. When we got off the train, things were starting to turn around – we were getting excited, we were chatting up a gazillion words per millisecond (nerdy look insert here), I was snapping pictures away and the rain made way for the sun to say hello (hang around) until what was left of the day was up.

Spending time with Ate Tatie, my sister, is simply priceless. We got to catch up, discuss things and store up on memories we can reminisce later on. Our “amazing adventure” or day together was complimented with a perfect meal in my opinion. With a love affair with food, the waiter definitely asked a couple of times if we could finished all the stuff we ordered or if we were sure if it is a wise thing to do – ordering all those dishes (haha). These tiny girls who have big storage compartments for stomachs. Tsk. (haha)

Happy Little Girl :)

We gobbled all of it up and chatted all throughout the meal until the last piece of strawberry and pancake. It was a very good moment. Their chicken caesar is the best I’ve tried so far and the ribs were cooked just right and were quite tender (the perfect example of a good barbecue rib dish). The dessert dish was quite luscious – coined as Devil’s Delight, it consists of chocolate pancakes, strawberries, cream, chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled all over. I know – I love food! :)

We looked for the waiter (he is Polish by the way) to sort of show him the empty shiny plates that once held food – we were a couple of smug girls. (Haha. I kid.)

P.S. I love you, Ate Tatie! Looking forward to more adventures in the future. On a side note,  a couple of moi shots below.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

~Anthony J. D’Angelo



“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

(Photo Credit – Paula Cañete)



A snog, you say.

As what they mentioned, “Snog isn’t a miracle, it’s just delicious pure frozen yoghurt”. Yup, this post is about yoghurt (just a bit) and interiors – sounds great, things that I love all in one post! Yey! (haha) :)

Snog emphasizes their dedication in providing the healthiest  frozen yoghurt. Their blend is a mixture  of organic skimmed milk, and fresh non-fat organic yoghurt (with probiotics).

Nom, nom, nom! I love frozen yoghurt – definitely a healthier alternative to frozen treats but has to be moderated just the same. In case you are wondering about the yoghurt above and their names – Chocolate Snog, Green Tea Snog and and Natural Snog respectively.

Snog shops feature really cute interiors – definitely whimsical and they have the playful/fantasy aspect. Check out the pictures below.



Hello Everyone!

I am very happy to be able to write a post once again – and this time from another location too! Yey! :) I have some catching up to do (blog-wise). I got here (new location) last sunday and things have been moving in a fast pace. I had some settling in to do as well (catching up on sleep because jet lag wore me out in a sense). More importantly, I miss Georgia a great, great deal :(

Although I have things to attend to here (serious stuff), I am also here to have fun so I have to come up with a way to concoct a good balance which will allow me to be able to see the sights and at the same time get some work done as well.

One of the things I love (I have a lot!) is going places and being able to travel. I hope that I’ll be able to travel the world (it’s a big big world out there) in the future. I love learning new things and learning about different cultures and different ways of life. Traveling allows you to see and experience more of what life has to offer. Being able to soak in a particular place’s design and art is something I hope to be able to do throughout my entire existence. I love going to museums, visiting art galleries, stuffing myself with all sorts of cuisine (except the really really exotic ones though), visiting furniture stores – I can go on and on :)

I’ll post more pictures (I have a lot and I’ll be taking more) really soon. In the mean time, have fun looking over the ones I posted below.

Can anyone guess where I am? :) On a side note, the cupcakes above look absolutely scrumptious! I am also happy (in a sense) because I am able to write posts once again. Till next time.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Danii!



Hi Everyone!

By the time you read this, I’ll most probably be in the plane already. I’ll be out of the country for awhile and I am excited, panicky (because I have a lot of stuff to work on still) and a bit heartbroken (because I won’t be able to bring Georgia along – quite risky to bring one so tiny :( )

I don’t know yet if I can write as often while I am traveling but I will certainly try. For the mean time, this will be the only post you’ll see here (for now).

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.S. I love you, Georgia! You’ll certainly make Mummy cry a GREAT deal. I’ll miss you, sweets :(



This is a rather late hello October post but better late than never. (I am not condoning tardiness but rather encouraging the opposite.) How is your October so far? :)

“A child looking at ruins grows younger
but cold
and wants to wake to a new name
I have been younger in October
than in all the months of spring
walnut and may leaves the color
of shoulders at the end of summer
a month that has been to the mountain
and become light there
the long grass lies pointing uphill
even in death for a reason
that none of us knows
and the wren laughs in the early shade now
come again shining glance in your good time
naked air late morning
my love is for lightness
of touch foot feather
the day is yet one more yellow leaf
and without turning I kiss the light
by an old well on the last of the month
gathering wild rose hips
in the sun.”
-   W. S. Merwin,
The Love of October

P.S. I will be out of the country for awhile (a few weeks), will leave in a few days and I am in a whirlwind situation right now – juggling things. But it’s all good – I just try to inject lots of laughter (and snack portions) in between, it works :) By the way, I want to wish a very dear friend a happy birthday tomorrow. (Happy Birthday, Ibiang!)

P.P.S. We can do this, Mr. Wonderful! Go team! :)



I am currently working on something. By the way, this post  is about something really cool that I wanted to share (on the side).

Innovation (dasparkhotel)

Dubbed as the Pipe Hotel, standard sewer pipes/concrete cylinders (2 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters long) fitted with the basic essentials (fitted with a bed, storage space and electricity) serve as the “suites” of the said hotel. It is situated in Ottensheim, Austria.

The tubes have “almost perfect pre-settings” actually. Being 20 cm thick, they provide a lot of safety to occupants against the elements, they are surprisingly bright and have good thermal properties.

Utilities-wise, the units do not feature toilets but they are situated in a precise location which makes showers, toilets, restaurants and even a swimming pool within reach. A really cool thing about the hotel (aside from the concept and all that goodness), is their system of operation – 1. Guests book their stay exclusively over the internet and they are then emailed a code number (for the number-code locks) which helps them access their “suite” upon their arrival, 2. Their “pay as you wish” system (which I hope no one will abuse) mainly covers any repairs and the servicing.

This provides an easy option for travelers and adventurers with smaller budgets – without having to sacrifice a lot (safety, comfort, etc.) or style. They are also said to be available from spring to summer.  By the way, the man behind the mobile and self-sufficient concept is Andreas Strauss. This is definitely something I want to see for myself.  :)



I just thought that this would be a good way to start the week – focusing on what is important, being strong and simply persevering. Have a good sunday, everyone! :)

Unknown Mami

P.S. I took the pictures above over a month ago. They were taken during two different occasions – the first one, I was wearing a plaid polo rolled up, cuffed jeans, my sanuks and a fisherman’s cap; the second one (I really love the saying so I took a picture so that I won’t forget it), I was wearing a dress, a cardigan and ballet flats. Yup, two different occasions.

P.P.S. I’m a bit down but it’s ok. Tomorrow might be better :)



There is this one thing that I wanted to get done for Georgia for the longest time – I initially wanted it done during her first birthday. I am very thankful that the other day we were able to get it done finally and at the same time experience it together :)

What am I talking about? Georgia was finally blessed during the annual blessing of pets! It was her very first and it saddens me however that we don’t have a picture together or a picture of her during the blessing. *sad face* I brought my camera with me but I was juggling a lot of stuff (literally) all at once and I was cuddling the little one as well. (If anyone has a picture, please do send it to me and I’ll get you a cupcake for your trouble. Thanks!)

We were running late but we were able to get there before the blessing. It was heaven – there were lots of other dogs, of all shapes and sizes! If by any chance you don’t know, I love animals and pets. There was an adult shih tzu sleeping on the pew (super cute! haha.) and an overweight golden retriever had a heat stroke. (poor doggie *sad face*) There were little puppies playing and a couple of chihuahuas as well. Another cute moment was during the “huddle part” of the owners and their pets – some doggies were growling at each other and some had to make sure that they had a tight grip on their pets (and the leash) or else it would have been a highly exciting scene (haha).

I was very happy that Georgia was able to experience it – as her mummy, it is my responsibility to make sure that her spiritual guidance is not neglected (I sound so serious).

I also got Georgia groomed and brought her a present – a hearty roll (bacon flavored). What do you think of her new haircut? I had it cut shorter since the weather has been really warm lately and I didn’t want to make it difficult for the little pumpkin. Adorable (referring to either Georgia and her new haircut and also both), yes? :)

P.S. The Sea Green Journal just turned two months old! Yey! Thanks a lot for dropping by and we will continue on having fun (and thinking about cupcakes, dumplings and such). Cheers! :)



Just a quick post on interiors I am loving today. I am not a pink girl in general but it is a good color (I love colors!). The pop of color in the interiors (below) are fantastic. This particular set is just darling especially the little girl’s room (Such a girl, Pau. Haha.).

On a side note, a quick life update/ quick life updates (haha) – 1. I think I am a bit sick, I have a “semi-cold”, 2. I went to a photography meeting tonight and it was fun, 3. The fabrics I was able to find yesterday were simply gorgeous (from an unbiased perspective), I really love fabric stores and fabrics and all the things you can imagine on what you’d love to do with a particular kind (i.e. I saw a gorgeous white and green patterned stiff cotton fabric that would just be perfect for a cute dress or as a table runner for a sunday brunch table setting – I love table settings, I’ll do one soon hopefully and post it here), 4. Georgia got a new haircut (I’ll do a seperate post on her and an update), 5. I’ll be “traveling” really soon and I HAVE TO get things done somehow, 5. More importantly, I am craving for cupcakes and some vanilla ice cream at present (i.e. right now). *sad face*

But it’s ok – I’ll just take things in stride (and munch on some honey stars – just a couple since it’s really late) and try to sleep early. Onward to tomorrow. Yey! :)



“It takes a long time to grow young.” – Pablo Picasso

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wonderful! :)

I love you.

P.S. “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” – Love, Georgia



It’s funny how time flies by so fast and October will be at my doorstep in just a couple more hours. I will be “traveling” in a few more weeks and I have things to attend to before then. By the way, here are two of my well-liked furniture pieces for today – they have the international contemporary feel going.

Pleats (Stephen Burks)

This furniture piece by (acclaimed industrial designer) Stephen Burks has a three-dimensional quality about it (due to the pleated fabric upholstery). It utilizes traditional steam plating techniques and has a powder coated steel base plate. It comes in two sizes as a sofa and fabric choices are down to plain, untextured wools. (More images of Pleats below.)

Drop Stool (Monica Förster)

This furniture piece by Monica Förster (creator of some of the well-known objects in contemporary Swedish design today) is about clean lines and smooth contours. Organic (in shape), it is made from polyurethane foam with a technical woven stretch cover.

Examples of the Technical Knit Cover Swatches

P.S. Yep, I am drawn to color and furniture with color (I love color! :) ). I am also drawn to good design too! (Haha.)



Done with Monday, the rest of the week to go (haha). I actually don’t want this week (and the week after) to end since I need time to work on this very very important “project” I have been fussing over lately.

I slept really late yesterday but it was worth it (big smile) and today went by really fast as well. I went to the doctor (I’m not sick or anything) and had a couple of errands which will carry on further tomorrow. I need to give Georgia a bath for this week and take her to the vet as well this week.

This post sounds like a to-do list (haha) – that wasn’t my intention at all. Here are the rest of the photographs from the self-portrait set I mentioned in yesterday’s post. This was taken over a year ago – please excuse the haggard mode. I was swamped at that time (when the photographs were taken) and I was longing for ample sleep but I take tasks seriously and find pleasure in doing old school hard work.



Hello Everyone!

Another new week ahead and things have been sort of complex. I am also working on something very very important and I do hope it goes well (please pray for me).

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

- Harriet Tubman

On a lighter note, here are some beautiful interiors I am in love with today.

Sundays are about lazing about and being easy breezy (haha).

May the quote (above) inspire all of you as well and have a great week ahead! :)

P.S. I was sifting over my files (and photographs) and I found a particular self-portrait set I did over a year ago. Do check out one of the photographs below. I’ll be posting the rest tomorrow.

This was taken during a very stressful week (sleep deprived and overworked body parts) and it shows (haha). Please excuse the haggard mode.

P.P.S. To those who have just stumbled upon this blog – Welcome to The Sea Green Journal! :)  Do check out my post about Philconstruct Visayas 2010 here and stay awhile too (haha). Thanks!



Cool discovery today – a cabinetry store which I really liked and it “made my mind itch (i.e. by playing around with this statement - “made my hands itch” ). It made me want to design an interior that would incorporate the stuff the said store was selling.

I also got Georgia a present in the form of a bag of uncolored rawhide chewies which appealed to me and sounded safe. I saw a jar of dog biscuits in different colors and flavors (examples included watermelon and strawberry flavors) – I wanted to get them as well because they seemed delicious and cute to me but I decided to forego them for now and do research before buying them (its Georgia we are talking about after all).

Here are a few pictures. Good times (and meal). Haha. Enjoy!

P.S. Hello Georgy :) (By the way, I gave her a bath late this afternoon.)

Such a sweetheart!

P.P.S. And oh. Here I am.



Hello Wednesday (and Everybody)! :)

I ate an ice cream cone today – chocolate hazelnut (yey, yey, yey!). By the way, here a couple of pictures of interiors I really love – light, airy and incorporates character (as well as a feminine aspect and a sense of softness).

This chair reminds me of Hans Wegner’s Wishbone Chair (they are similar in a sense). I love this particular finish (the chair’s).

The flowers add punches of refreshing colors to this interior and neutral overall palette.

Pattern (incorporated on the bench cushion) and texture (from the area rug for example) add interest.

I have always loved the concept of hanging something to dry :) It doesn’t hurt that the print is lovely either.

(Photo Credits – Anna Kern)



My family and I went to mass really early this morning. I was fascinated by the “men at arms” garb (i.e. I wanted to take pictures of said garb) and a kind gentleman was quite a good sport about it (Thank you, Sir).

I would say I had a very good weekend (and I am very grateful) – it consisted of laughter, long conversations, loved ones and lots of food.

Have a great sunday everyone!

Unknown Mami

P.S. Happy Birthday Nonah! We love you :)

(A quick shout out and hug to Unknownmami as well – I just read about her week. Do visit her blog, drop a line and let’s help give her strength.)

P.P.S. For those of you who might like to check out the post about Philconstruct Visayas 2010 (and the gazillion pictures), please go here. Thanks!



I would show my jobs to my mother, and she would always say the same thing –  “That’s nice dear.” And then she would say, “Did you write it?” or “Did you do the drawing?” or “Did you take the pictures?” I’d always answer “no,” then I realized the problem. My answer was then, “I made this happen. It’s called design.”

— Brian Webb



I think I was able to mention before that I love books. I absolutely love books and I absolutely love reading (haha). I also love book cover designs and dust jackets.

Definition (Once again, I’m not trying to be cheeky.)

The dust jacket is a detachable outer cover (not all books have these) of books. They have illustrations and text and they have folded flaps that you tuck on both the front and back book covers. They protect the book covers to a certain extent (however, they are relatively fragile themselves).

I am talking about dust covers (you might wonder) because I simply adore (adore, adore, adore…) these dust covers. They are ingenious and brilliant (insert british accent here).

Aren’t these dust jackets adorable? I love the bunny ears and “The Little Prince” is a must-read book – it is one of my favorites :)

These dust covers are by Igor Udushlivy (I love the name Igor, by the way!). He is a graphic designer and illustrator. He came up with this concept – using dust jackets and bookmarks together to create “a unique image of a paper book”.

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and “Moby Dick” ones are adorable as well (I seem to be using the word adorable a lot in this post).

These ones are amazing as well. I love the “Paris” and “Africa” ones. I also love the “The Sword in the Stone” one. (I love all of them! haha.)

P.S. Are you wondering how it (the jacket and bookmark concept) works? Do take a look (below).

Coolio! (I love the submarine.)

P.P.S. Quick Trivia – Certain dust jackets are considered as collectible items. Interestingly, some of them are worth far more than the books they cover. A very good and famous example – one copy with a jacket in near mint condition was listed for sale for half a million dollars last year.

On a side note, if you haven’t read the Philconstruct Visayas 2010 post, please go here. Thanks!

All together now!



Hi Everyone!

It has been a good few days since my last post (I think this post makes up for it since it’s quite a long one). Things that happened since then – 1. Our Exhibit for Philconstruct, 2. Whirlwind Egress, 3. Weekend Remnants and Shawarma Craving, 4. I got sick (I’m not sure but I’ve narrowed the culprits/suspects to the following: honey stars, dumplings and my aunt’s beef soup. Thus I’ve been avoiding those and I hope I do feel better soon).

On to what this post is all about – the Philconstruct Visayas 2010. I did say that I will write about (and provide pictures) in this post. Were some of you able to go? If there are a couple of yeses, thanks a lot! (and I hope you had fun :) ). I certainly did since I love doing exhibits (more specifically interior mock-ups) and I love construction shows.

For those who weren’t able to go, this post can help you out.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement (We had this at our dining set-up)


“PHILCONSTRUCT Visayas 2010″ is a construction show which features the latest in building and construction in terms of both technology and design. It brings together engineers, construction companies, contractors, builders, developers, interior designers and architects – as well as general spectators who are interested in such fields or those who wish to view the exhibits.

It is the first of its kind to be held in Cebu since it was held only in Manila for the last 20 years (By the way, a separate show was also feature in Mindanao last July). There were 300 booths during the event and product varieties were aplenty.

Philconstruct Visayas 2010 was organized by the Philippine Contractors Association, Inc. (PCA) and the Cebu Contractors Association, Inc. (CCA). It was held on September 9-11, 2010 at the Pacific Ballroom  of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Philconstruct Visayas 2010 Poster  (Here you go.)

As always, I took a gazillion pictures and you can peruse over them below. By the way, if you wish to view more pictures of our interior mock-ups (and I mean all of them) – they are in this post.  Have fun!

Launch Day (September 9, 2010)

Quick Perfomance during the Opening and Blessing of Philconstruct Visayas 2010

Organizers and other Contractors with Mayor Rama (Cebu City Mayor)

The Contractors used jackhammers during the “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” (Coolio!)

Kitchen and Dining (Modern Classic)

(We got to choose which booths we wanted to design and conceptualize – I joined this and it was amazing. :) )

I had to get the ornamental metal flowers – they contrasted nicely with the red wooden plate.

I had to get these jars (they were a pair) as well. I love patterns.

This was simply beautiful – it added a touch of elegance to our dining area. One would think that it is an origami creation.

Our Beautiful Modern Classic Kitchen and Dining Exhibit

Condo Living (Contemporary)

I love their graceful swan ornament. The red candle holder adds a punch of color.

I like this printed metal bowl (We were supposed to have one in the Kitchen and Dining area as well).

Hotel Suite (Post Modern)

These prints are simply classy.

Toilet and Bath (Indoor | Outdoor)

I love the rawness of the untreated wood panels.

Other Exhibits and Exhibitors

These models were displayed at the UAP Exhibit Booths (All of their chapters had a booth). I love models and had been fascinated by them since I was small.

Cupcake Time!

Can I have a whole tray to myself please?

For all those who have been reading The Sea Green Journal, you would know by now that I absolutely love cupcakes. The Häfele booth was definitely coolio. They featured a real modern kitchen and they had  Chef Kim baking all sort of treats there throughout the duration of the construction show. They invited us over and I was over the moon (haha). The cupcakes and cookies were delicious!

By the way, in case you wanted more information about Häfele (sans baked treats) – Häfele Philippines Inc. is a subsidiary of the German based Hafele Group. They are a supplier of Furniture Fittings, Architectural Hardware and Electronic Locking Systems.

P.S. Here are a couple of pictures with me in them.

With Pol and Ann a few hours before Egress.

P.P.S. I ate a lot during the duration of the exhibit.

Yum! I love you too.

(Photo Credits – Paula Cañete)



This is just a quick post and will just feature more pictures of the Interior Mock-ups we did during the Philconstruct Visayas 2010. The pictures I posted in the main post are more of my “artsy shots” and I thought these pictures (below) will be supplemental and will greatly help out those who wanted to see the exhibit but weren’t able to.

By the way, for the main and proper post on the Philconstruct Visayas 2010 – you can find it in this post.

Interior Design Mock-ups

(Photo Credits – PIID Cebu Chapter)



Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Day

Today is declared as a non-working holiday in Cebu City since it commemorates the 132nd birthday anniversary of the late president Sergio Osmeña Sr.

A few tidbits as we remember him today –

1. Don Sergio Osmeña’s Sr. forty-two years in public service began in 1904. He also served as the youngest governor of Cebu at the mentioned year at the age of twenty-five.

2. He was the fourth president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines (1944-1946). He assumed presidency when President Manuel Quezon died.

P.S. The Sea Green Journal is already one month old! I can hardly believe it – it is Lé Cucumber and tres magnifique! :) (Haha). I am having a lot of fun and I hope you are too. Cheers! I can hardly wait until we turn another month old.

Yey! The Sea Green Journal is already one month old :)



Curtains (also known as drapes) are treatments used for wall openings (such as windows or french doors even). They are pieces of fabric or cloth that come in different configurations and are used further to maintain privacy and they provide us a certain amount of protection from the elements (i.e. they obscure light and even drafts).

Rolls of Fabric (Patterned, 100% Cotton)

They are available in various ways – colors, the sizes, materials, shapes and even patterns. They can further be (available) equipped with the following – noise absorption and dust retention among others. In case of a DIY situation (and especially with first timers), take note of window sizes (there are times when their measurements vary), their intended function (so that the type of curtain that you will need  and even its weight can be determined) and the climate in your area or country (wooden window shutters are utilized in warmer countries to keep the house cool inside). In terms of aesthetics, one may visit a fabric store to get an idea of the pattern, color and even the texture that you want – you’ll be able to decide which fabrics work and look well together.

These tie-top curtains are ideal for letting a certain amount of light in while maintaining the privacy inside. (Stripe Voiles, 100% Linen)

These cotton lined roman blinds work perfectly in a kitchen setting. They also add color and warmth to the space – with the statement stripes. (100% Cotton)

These fabrics (for example) are suited for curtains and blinds and even for upholstery at times. (100% Cotton, Red Fabric Selection)

Triple pleat lined and interlined silk curtains along with its rich coloring add a luxurious and elegant touch to the space. (100% Silk)

For a light and airy look, semi-sheer pencil pleat curtains (and matching blind) in classic white does the trick. It produces a very refreshing look. (100% Linen)

(Photo Credits – The National Curtain Company)



It’s already the middle of the week and things have been amazing so far. The days passed by in a blur (sort of) – scurrying to get this and that, supervising construction parts, errands, everyday obstacles, securing furniture, dealing with “we have a situation” scenarios, meeting deadlines, a bit of drama (But it’s all good. We just have to take them in stride and if we can’t, we try still), etc. Being an Interior Designer is the best thing in the world in my opinion (as weird as it may sound, correlating the above).

I mentioned the exhibit we are having for Philconstruct in my last post and everyone has been buzzing with activity and dealing with preparations since the beginning of the week. I got home late tonight feeling sleepy and a bit fuzzy as the adrenaline bits have started to wear off but I am happy and excited – I love doing exhibits! (haha).

Here are a few pictures of the construction part, sort of the behind the scenes portion. By the way, the exhibit will formally open tomorrow and things are already shaping up. Enjoy!

That was basically it – for now. I need to go to bed now since I have to wake up early to check on the “retoucher person” for our accent wall, he’ll be there by 7:30 in the morning (eep) and I am sort of pooped as well. But indeed it is a lot of fun. (Righhhhht Pau. Haha.)

Wish us luck during the formal opening. Thanks!

P.S. I gave the little one a bath a few days ago. By the way, Georgia doesn’t really enjoy baths – she gets scared of the water. It stresses us both in a sense (her stress factors – being bathed, her fear of water; my stress factors – her being stressed and agitated during bath time. It breaks my heart to see her so distressed). I love you, Georgia!

Sad face, Georgy Porgy? It breaks mummy’s heart :(
Let’s give you a big cuddle and some treats for being such a good sport during bath time.

P.P.S. Thank you very much, Mr. Wonderful! You are the bestest.



The weekend is almost over and we have a new week ahead of us. The last few days were great and I was quite busy so I was not able to post this sooner. Here is part two of The Island Travelogue.

Snippets on some of the pictures. Enjoy!

The weather was incredibly hot but the water was simply gorgeous.

This trip made me crave for mango pancakes. I even had some for dinner a few hours ago. (Haha)

I couldn’t resist putting more museum pictures in this post. I love museums!

This was a long walk (but super fun) and the sun was definitely shining away – we had cold mango shakes at a cafe nearby after this.

A beautiful holy water font.

I love old church floor tiles and their designs.

I remembered attending mass at this church during my first trip to Bantayan (I was still ten). We fell asleep during mass because we were worn out from swimming the whole day (haha). Great memories and a beautiful church, I had to take a picture. By the way, this is the San Pedro y San Pablo Church – it considered to be the oldest church in Bantayan.

I love lighting candles (We bought a handful from each vendor at the church).

Definitely Gorgeous (Dreamy Sigh)

Yup, a couple of shots featuring the author – the sea breeze was amazing.

This rounds up The Island Travelogue (I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with the gazillion pictures in this post and the one before this). I also hope that you had fun looking over this post and going over the trip with me. Bantayan is definitely gorgeous and I highly encourage you to check it out.

On a side note, my Mum’s birthday was great – she is a year older (I don’t like it when my parents get older every year – I love you Mum and Dad!)

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Unknown Mami

P.S. Pau Updates – 1. Our Exhibit for Philconstruct is next week (I’m very excited)! I love exhibits and doing mock-ups. I’ll post details about it soon (do drop by the exhibit if you can). To those who can’t (sad face) – don’t worry, I’ll write about it next week.

2. I woke up feeling sick this morning and it wasn’t pleasant. I hope I’ll better soon because it’s another busy week ahead.

P.P.S. Georgia Updates – 1. I was supposed to bring Georgia to the vet place yesterday for her monthly shot/s but I had to go a meeting and I didn’t want to wear her out by making the trip longer. I’ll do the vet visit in a few days and get her checked as well.

2. During Mum’s birthday, I placed Georgia near Shaki’s tummy so that she can get acquainted with the little one inside – Georgia placed her paw on Shaki’s tummy (as though touching/stroking it) and she gave it a lick/kiss (as though she was saying hello/showing affection to the little one inside). Awwww! Georgia, you are one sweet little girl and Mummy loves you very much.



It’s already Thursday. How was your day?

Like what I mentioned yesterday, I will show some of my pictures from the long weekend trip in today’s post (I decided to divide them into two parts since I have a lot of pictures to share – taking note that I even narrowed them down already).

Off to Bantayan I went. (Abrupt sentence construction, Pau.)

A few specifics in case someone needs the information (and for those who aren’t from the Philippines). Bantayan is one of the municipalities in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Located in the Northern Tip of Cebu, it is well-known for its crystal clear waters and its fine white sandy beaches.

There are several methods of getting there (People mostly go by land and take a ferry or a roro once they reach Hagnaya). Transportation options include buses, rented vans and your very own private vehicle. We basically rode our own car and hopped on the ferry going to the island (you can bring your car with you on the ferry, with additional fees of course).

Planning things such as accommodations and other arrangements way ahead of time (may it be your food options, itinerary, etc) – highly recommended especially during the busy months and events (i.e. April and May, Holy Week). A mixture of cuisines are available on the island – there are quaint restaurants (both in the resort you are staying at and a couple scattered around) and the market (small stores, the essentials, small bakeries, etc). Seafood lovers are in for a treat (the seafood on the plate before you, in most cases, were caught just minutes before you ordered – definitely fresh).

Simply Gorgeous!

The weather is definitely hot there (I am quite sensitive to hot weather). Lots of sunscreen and water – these are your best friends. In spite of the scorching heat, Bantayan is absolutely divine. It is one of my favorite places in the Cebu Province.

Gazillion pictures starts here (haha). I will post snippets on some of them as well. Have fun!

A gazillion sea urchins – freshly caught (A delicacy – I have no plans of trying it though. They did say it tastes great.)

Mango Pancakes with Honey for Breakfast

Tapasilog (We had breakfast brought to our room.)

Yup, I wear sweaterish tops to the beach – I’m cool like that. (Haha)

The Old Kota Fort – I was fascinated with this and its composition (Trivia – I love museums and historic sites). It was constructed in the 1790’s in order to protect young women and children from being abducted by the Moro Pirates and sold for slavery. In terms of architecture, the structure was made from coral stone, red sugar, egg white (common for old structures), lime and sand. It is almost a perfect square.

Little eerie tidbit – There were thirty-four Japanese soldiers executed inside the old structure. It was also used as a cemetery from the 1890’s to the 1950’s.

Huge Bags containing chips for sale at the market (definitely brings back childhood memories).

I always take pictures of cupcakes (it’s basically a given for me).

I will post the rest of the pictures tomorrow hopefully. Please stay tuned to part two of The Island Travelogue.

P.S. It’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow. Yey!

P.P.S. Please follow The Sea Green Journal by clicking on the button below. Thanks!

(Photo Credits – Paula Cañete)



Hello September!

Time is beyond words (It flies by so fast – such a cliché but it’s true!). I will surely miss August (It’s my favorite month, or one of my favorite months) but we must move on forward and off we go! (I’m not quite so sure about the frequency of exclamation points in this post but perhaps it’s because I am quite enthusiastic lately or perhaps it’s because I had an ample amount of sugar. Perhaps it’s because I had a very good long weekend. *smiles*)

I would like to apologize for being gone for awhile and not leaving a note while I was. But I would like you to know that – 1. My long weekend was quite good (I hope yours was too), 2. I was away, 3. I’ll feature a gazillion pictures about it on my next post (or perhaps in my next two posts).

Here is a “tidbit” (i.e. Two pictures – Yup, a gazillion pictures to overwhelm you soon).

Such a big grin, little girl.

P.S. Onward to September. By the way, The Sea Green Journal (and moi blogging) will turn one month old in a few days. Yey!

P.P.S. My Lolo turned 81 years old today. Coolio! (Haha. I love that word.)

(Photo Credits – First Photo from Christina Heaston, Second and Third Photos by Paula Cañete)


Hello Everyone! (I don’t know. I just wanted to say that. Haha.)

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I am doing a post about “Flower Chairs” (i.e. this post). Yep, “Flower Chairs” – that’s how I refer to them in a sense, it’s how I like to call them.

These interesting and very pretty chairs are from Floral Art. Their designs are inspired by fashion, architecture and interior design – the designer’s signature is “fresh, innovative aesthetic”. On a side note, I have big plans for these chairs (haha). I can picture a million ways on how to incorporate them in the interiors I’m doing. There are certain pieces that just make me itch (figuratively speaking) and quite excited to design an interior  around them or incorporating them – these chairs are very good examples.

Fuchsia Peony Floret

This chair’s back and legs are of Clear Lucite, the chair frame is of a white wood finish (high gloss) and it has white faux leather upholstery. It features a peony design for the backrest.

Succulent Floret (Armless)

This chair is made out of Clear Lucite, it has a white wood finish (high gloss) and white faux leather upholstery. It features a succulent (sempervivum) design on the backrest.

Orchid Floret

This chair has Clear Lucite back and and legs, a white wood finish frame (high gloss) and white faux upholstery. It features an orchid design for the backrest.

P.S. Lucite is a solid transparent plastic material. It is made out of polymethyl methacrylate (Basically the same material as plexiglass or perspex. Trivia – Perspex can be used for the bodies of electric bass guitars).