Yup, you are done with Christmas decór.

But you can still check out my article with tips if you’d like. :) Yey! Haha. You can also find the rest of my Christmas Photography in the article as well. For part one and two, click here and here consecutively. Fanks!

P.S. I know I’ve been talking about this a couple of times already but please do extend a helping hand for the Victims of Typhoon Sendong. I cannot stress this enough but they need all our help. It makes me teary thinking what they are going through, to have lost all that they worked for (some their whole lives) in just a flash (plus while they were sleeping) and having to stand up and start over again. Sometimes we can’t appreciate the food we have on our tables or the numerous clothes we have in our closets while they have trouble figuring out where to get their next meal and praying hard that it won’t rain because all the clothes they have left are the ones they are wearing. There are different drop centers in the metro and I heard that LBC offers free shipping for the goods  (they need clean drinking water, blankets, clothes, etc.) you plan to donate (however, I still have to confirm this). You can also volunteer for Red Cross if you have time and the resources to spare, click here. Thank you!


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