Nope, this is not a clothing/fashion wishlist (at the moment). I was browsing through Urban Outfitters and I fell in love with a couple of stuff (Ok, a lot. Haha). I then decided to sort of list them down for future reference of course (haha).

I basically love (love, love, love) color and certain prints thus anything that fall in said categories tend to catch my eye.

Such pretty, pretty colors! All this color is cheering me up :) Yup, I’d love to get all of them and make a house where I can place all of them in. Uhm, I’ll live there too. Haha.

Which ones do you like? :)

P.S. Back in college, I thoroughly enjoyed the design subjects that focus on color. Err, I loved all of my subjects then. I guess I’m a design nerd *insert nerd smiley here*

P.P.S. Leo the Owl Bank ♥ ♥


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